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  1. I think maybe I need to stop reading anything on this site. People here are just jerks, mostly. Some of you are really nice but you are in the minority.

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    2. Mandy P

      Mandy P

      Glad I'm not the only one. I had to close down a thread once because some jerks were attacking me. Just like today. Ignorance abounds here! Thanks for the support. I just can't watch people be given horrible advice and NOT tell them to seek legal representation if they are that lost about things. Better to be safe, and spend a little extra money, than to see your loved one never make it here.

    3. mspain


      I agree. People on here can be very rude, snotty, and sometimes downright judgmental about your posts. Good thing you can count on Mena women for support. Hamdulillah!

    4. Mandy P

      Mandy P

      I've met a few really great people here. VERY FEW! I should just stop reading the forums. They are just full of stupidity. People with nothing else to do but try to downgrade someone else. To me, that's the worst kind of pathetic. I've seen people ask questions here and then people say things like "Don't you know..." Well, obviously they don't know or they wouldn't have asked the question. They just try to make new people feel stupid. I don't th...