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  1. Bluerose001

    N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Hi! All, I just updated the file to reflect my status as a US Citizen as of Aug. 9. It was quite the wait from my interview (June 17) to the time I received an email notification (July 21) to receiving the mail (June 24) of the date of my oath taking. I was surprised to see the venue of the oath taking as its up in the mountains at the Rocky Mountain National Park but it turned out, the venue made it more meaningful with the scenic mountains as the background. A Senator gave an inspirational speech. Another invited Senator and a Representative couldn't make it so they sent their representatives to read their message to the new US Citizens. Best of all, the weather cooperated, it wasn't too sunny and it wasn't that cold up in the mountains. So, I guess this is where my journey (visa/fees etc) ends as I am now a US Citizen. Cheers! Bluerose001
  2. Bluerose001

    N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Thank you @Colorado2016 Hi! all, I had my interview today and I was recommended for approval however, due to backlog, they cannot do same day oath taking. I still have to wait for the letter to arrive (within 30 days) to know when will I have the oath taking. The interview was a breeze as I was scheduled for 7:30am (I was the 1st one to be called) and by 7:49am I’m already done. I was asked to raise my right hand to swear that I’ll be telling the truth then she proceeded with the interview questions. 1. Name one of the two longest river in the United States? 2. Who lived in America before the Europeans arrived? 3. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution? 4. When was the Declaration of Independence adopted? 5. ** I forgot the Question but I answered it correctly. 6. We elect a President for how many years? Once we finished the 1st 6 questions, she told me I passed and we proceeded to the reading and writing exam. Then we went over the questions in the N-400 form. She said she is recommending me for approval only I have to wait for the letter when will oath taking will take place. She signed a paper and gave it to me stating I passed. Since it’s still early, I chatted a bit with the officer and here are a few notes I can pass along to the VJ community: Saturday appointment: It is normal to receive a Saturday appointment because of backlog as well as they also receive requests from people who work weekdays to have Saturday appointments. Travel abroad while waiting for interview date: while going over the trips abroad part of the N-400 form, I gave her my Expedia Itinerary showing I was out of the country for 3 weeks before I received my interview letter. She said that people have the notion that people are not allowed to do that but it’s actually ok to travel provided that you can document and give proof (just like I did) so that they can update their records. For people with Denver as their field office: they used to do same day oath taking but they rarely do it anymore because of backlog. A few people got lucky yesterday (Friday) and had a same day oath taking but that’s for the few who were scheduled very early. Will update once I received the oath taking latter. Cheers! Bluerose001
  3. Bluerose001

    N-400 November 2016 Filers

    Hi! all, I have updated the list above to reflect progress in my case. Surprisingly, I received my e notification for an interview the day I arrived from a 3 week vacation from the Philippines May 12. Then on May 16 I received the interview letter for June 17 (a Saturday @ 7:30am) which makes me wonder if I can still have the same day oath taking (Denver allows this) as this is a Saturday. Oh well... Anyway, here's hoping for more progress for November filers. Cheers! Bluerose001