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  1. Hi Gagan! Awesome news ! I will also be submitted the i-864ez form too for my parents. I'm able to submit all documents to NVC online but can only do it all in one go, along with civil and financial documents. Just waiting on a few civil documents from my parents, and soon we'll be on our way! And yes all the best to you as Well! Closely following your updates too
  2. You should be bringing the originals with you (or copies of what you sent). Not new ones. In my case, I am able to upload all documents to NBC online, so will then FedEx those documents to my parents, that way they have the i-864 with the "fresh ink" signature.
  3. Hey Dassie Nope not yet I just completed and submitted the DS-260 but haven't yet uploaded the civil and financial documents to NVC (coz we have to do it in one go, and right now still waiting on my Mom's Police Certificate from Singapore and my Dads military records , which can take up to 30 days). Once I can get it all uploaded, then NVC will review and schedule for interview
  4. Whatever they submitted to USCIS is what you need to bring. IMO i would being everything possible so that you can provide it in the interview if the officer asks for it. (This is what i did, but luckily they didn't ask to see anything). It's best to be over prepared than under prepared
  5. IMO it would be the fresh ink ! They are asking for the originals of everything so I take this as the original i-864 too. The date on the form should be the date you signed it. As for me, I have my form filled in but won't sign and date it until the day of uploading to NVC online. While i would love to save the $105 cost of fedexing the documents from USA to Australia but I'm not gonna risk it! Deidre
  6. Hey Cassie, Yup you really need ALL colleges and their addresses! And also where your parents lived since they were 16. I gave my parents the heads up on these questions about a month or 2 ago so they can have time to piece their entire lives together for this DS-260... LOL... I think I inputted something like 10-15 addresses! It's also hilarious that I need to get my dad's military records from the 1960's ...sheesh.. Thank Goodness for the National Archives of Australia ....!! But hey, I suppose it's all important. Deidre
  7. Hey Gagan, I'm with you on this... best to get the exact amount that was submitted and put that same number on the form. But you should still be able to access yiur tax transcripts easily and quickly online thru irs.gov Have you managed to get them yet ? Deidre
  8. I would believe the Extract should be ok as long as it has both your wife's name AND her father's / mother’s name on it too.
  9. Hi Kgill, if you choose to NOT claim your in-laws on your taxes, and your family will be yourself, wife and 2 kids, this means you will need to claim 4+1 as the household = 5. Based on the 2017 poverty guidelines, found here https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-864p.pdf you would need to make at least $35,975. So as you are making $45,000 (as shown on your tax returns) then you are over the minimum, and are good to go, NO need for a joint sponsor.
  10. Hey Dassie, i posted a separate thread in the forum, but basically, i called NVC to find out whats going on, was told that if you had paid in the first 2 weeks of august, their system had some issues and you should email them proof of payment. i did on 08/23 and today i logged on, and it was showing PAID, so they fixed it manually within 24 hours of me sending an email about it. Perhaps reach out to them, as its been a week already. asknvc@state.gov is the email address. be sure to include all pertinent info.
  11. Hi All, So my IV Fee for both my parents have been stuck "In Process" after 3+ weeks since paying on the ceac website. I called NVC just now, and the agent just advised me that they had some "billing/technical difficulties" in the first 2 weeks of August. Therefore, for all of out there who paid any kind of fee within the first 2 weeks of August you are most likely experiencing this delay, and he has stated that you need to email asknvc@state.gov with your info (petitioner name, applicant name, applicant DOB, NVC Case number, Invoice #) along with proof that payment did come out of your account (In my case I sent them a screenshot of my account online). He said once they receive the email, it will be reviewed asap and the status will change accordingly on the ceac website. Hopes this helps anyone who has been waiting!!!
  12. Hi All ! Anyone else's "IV Fee Payment Status" still stuck on "In Process"?? I paid the IV Fee back on August 7th, and today its August 23rd and am still waiting for it to show as PAID so I can get the parents to complete their DS-260's....
  13. No, not needed for the initial I-130 application. But you will need it at NVC stage!
  14. Hi mrshill - you could do that.... as for me, I am in the same position with my parents, however I will simply write down RETIRED due to the fact that, while yes they will babysit my future kids, I wont actually be paying them any kinds of money. So technically speaking, they aren't being employed nor have an occupation and they are simply retired
  15. Definitely! also take a moment to look through the hundreds of threads on here - I do recall reading many comments on here about such topic good luck with yours too!