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  1. Thank you for all of your replies. My nephew has autism and the parents are not able to provide either financially or physical for him. My wife and I thought that we might be able to help out by adopting. There was no underlying thing about trying to get him here quicker or being sneaky like that. Both my wife and I are unable to have children and we thought this might be something we can do to grow our family, however it seems it might not be possible. Thank you everyone for all you help and letting us know we really appreciate it.
  2. Hello Everyone, My wife immigrated from the Philippines 8 years ago and it now a US citizen. We have been in talks with some of our family in the Philippines about adopting one of our nephews. His parents are on board with having us go forward with the adoption. My question is how do we go forward with this? Do we need to work with an adoption agency who then will help us get a visa for our nephew or can we have the adoption done in the Philippines and bring him here to the USA. If so what visa do we need? I am just trying to get the ball rolling. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.