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  1. Emotional support dog. Wish they had that when Natasha brought her cat. That will only work once you are out of Russia. They tend to change their "rules" at the last minute. They have to be chipped and all relevant shots. They have to have "clearance" from a vet or they won't even let them get on the plane. Once you are out of Russia it's much easier. You should follow the airlines rules and then go to the vet. Don't put them in cargo if you can avoid it especially not a chihuahua. Our cat wound up lost, sitting on the Tarmac at Frankfurt and 3 hour wait in the hall of the airport while going thru immigration. Don't wait till the last minute and never sedate
  2. I don't know if I'm wrong about this unless something has changed since 9 years ago but I thought they were only looking for communicable diseases. AIDS, TB, Ebola etc I could be wrong