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    I could title this story..."BBW gets her Prince Charming."..lol
    I was 39 and thought I would be single forever...had a bad relationship end, and was not looking for anyone...I did enjoy talking to pen pals all over the world, so when this man from Istanbul IM'd me out of the blue on yahoo...it was no big deal....we just started chatting...His English was not perfect, but he's learned so much ...He claims as soon as he saw my pic, he knew he didn't want to talk to anyone else.. lol The timing was unreal, because, he was planning on going to St. Petersburg to check out a job, (some of his friends work there-lot of Turks work in Russia) needless to say..he cancelled his trip...lol
    It's difficult to explain..but I just knew he was for real...He never made false promises, or lied...I tried real hard to trip him up...couldn't do it...I didn't trust anyone on the internet...lol.
    Soon we would chat on the phone..and he was unlike any other man I talked to...he is deeply rooted in his faith, and the old fashioned ways--a lot like myself.
    His family invited me to come to Istanbul. I never imagined traveling outside the US. It is not uncommon to Turkish families to live in large houses together...my Mom felt better knowing his whole family was there. I went....my family still thought I was crazy.....I heard it all: "you are a level headed practical woman, who doesn't usually do something like that on a whim." "you don't speak Turkish, an American woman flying to a Muslim country alone, post 9/11" ... yea, they all thought I had lost my mind...but I knew in my heart, I would be okay...
    I knew he would keep me safe...Those 9 days in Istanbul was the best time in my life...
    His family treated me like a daughter...
    He shocked me by proposing to me in the Topkapi Palace...it is a beautful palace rich with history of the Ottoman Empire and the Sultans. It sits on the Bosphorus... so romantic...how many women get engaged in a palace? That was over 3 years ago....time flies! when I came home.....my family was really sure I had lost my mind...lol...I filed paperwork to have him come over on a fiance visa...took 10 long months....Immigration is such a joy to deal with...but we got thru it. We've been married for 2-1/2 years and its been wonderful!!
    It has been a cultural challenge for him to leave a beautiful city like Istanbul to live in NJ...but we are very happy together. I hope we can travel back soon to visit his family.
    That is the Reader's Digest version....lol
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