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  1. I talked to my manager today at work about how I need that proof of employment and salary and stuff and she just gave me the directions on how to go to the website theworknumber.com. She explained that she thinks it's stupid but she can't do it herself. Now I went to this site and it doesn't help AT ALL. It just gives you the directions to give to the person asking for this information and THEY have to get it themselves by calling or going to the site. I guess they have to even pay to sign up. #######? This is ridiculous. I don't know what to do if my manager can't do it and I really don't think this "The Work Number" thing is going to work. Does anyone know WHY my manager can't do this? She would be happy to. She also explained that she can't even give any references if someone calls about a former employee, she has to tell them to call someone else. This doesn't make ANY sense, how would a complete stranger know how good an employee is? Just based on how much they worked? She said it's a stupid system but I don't know if I can get her to sneak around it. Is it some law? *Stress*