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  1. Do you have friends and family that you have discussed this relationship with? Affidavits from as many of them as possible with details of what they know about your relationship can help. Have you mentioned your relationship on any social media where you can show timestamped posts? I'm pretty sure you can get your logs directly from Viber. Try contacting the company directly.
  2. This looks fake. A U.S. government entity is unlikely to direct you to a .com website. ustraveldocs.com is a private website that is not affiliated with the U.S. government. Did you wife use a private service to help her apply for the visa? That card is definitely not something that came from the U.S. government.
  3. I wasn't condoning anything, I am just explaining the way the law is applied.
  4. If she is married to a US citizen and he is abusing her, she can file an I-360. She needs to be able to document the abuse, but if she can prove it she can get a green card as the self petitioning spouse of a United States citizen.
  5. USCIS will not accept a US passport as proof of citizenship. He will have to provide his naturalization certificate.
  6. He's going to have to file a N565 and get a new naturalization certificate. A passport is a travel document, USCIS doesn't normally accept a passport as proof of citizenship.
  7. 1. Yes, if they are currently living with you in the US (which they must be if you're filing concurrently) then you list the address where they currently reside. 2. They have been admitted as a B2/Visitor. Will it let you say visitor? Or admitted? Just make sure you include a copy of the I-94. 3. I would just list the overseas address where they officially lived. They were just visiting you. They can always mention their visits at the interview. 4. I would just put UNK. 5. Yes, send your joint taxes. They prefer transcripts. If your salary meets the requirements, you can just list your income on the 864. 6. It just depends on the country. Is that document valid proof of marriage in the related country? If so then it will be fine.