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    In Flux ~ My Heart is Overseas ~ My Physical Being is in a Chilly Place :o)
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    Creating pleasing and delicious dishes for my friends and family. Designing and creating anything! Singing mediocre and listening to varieties of people and music of those who do that well! Movies, love to watch them. Plays like to go to them! Visiting unsual places and experiencing new things!Talking for hours with moi friends. Painting some drawing when the mood arrives. Learning, meditating, long walks, peaceful moments.

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    ~ This is Our (updated) Love Story ~

    That began long ago in 2005... that is hard to believe. I met my future husband but I didn't even know it at the time. I was blindsided at the time and engaged to another man that I thought I could help and fix so to speak. My husband was the best friend, and filled that list of qualities I was looking for in a mate, we wanted the same thing in life and had the same values. It was through a life-endangering trip, loss of a best friend who put my life in danger, and a break up, that at last things came to the point of complete and sole dedication and committment to my love, my husband, my best friend and partner. I have not regretted our marriage, though for those who read our story it has included 3 years as man and wife not able to live in the same house under the same roof. Our visa was denied, something that if you had told me prior I would have not believed it. After a year and a half of waiting, the denial of visa was reapproved. And we are now awaiting our future interview. I am excited about the future! I felt this would kill and age our bodies, it has been so painful, to call your loved one - for example, when they are under stress and to not be able to jump on a plane to be with them. We survived the death of loved ones, the suicide of best friend, the loss of my only baby - a cat - but none the less an old lifelong baby...lol, and financial loss and stress, parents illness, loss and betrayal of friendships, and more. I felt in that year and a half we felt a lifetime of suffering. And that is most peoples lives now a days, yet we had to do it without the emotional and close physical comfort of each other. Calling the network of Nigeria is so difficult and unstable, that even if life was hard you couldn't always have that person you loved comforting you. Because phone calls and bills were stacking you couldn't always have freedom. We gave up a lot for each other, but we have formed our own family - and we have learned the best and worst of each other, we are at ease and complete comfort with one another. There is nothing to replace that. And I am proud of my hubby for what he has endured. The bible says that a threefold cord will make a marriage solid. I know that to be true, it makes it imperfect but also solid, I thank our creator for allowing us to cope somehow. That is our story thus far. I hope to reporting shortly about our future, our togetherness, our family!

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