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  1. I'm filing I-751 not a I-130 Petition 10 year Green Card removing conditions?
  2. What proof do I need to send California Service Center? His Checking account/State Id/ Sworn affidavit from friends? Or do I need to send me & my wife personal stuff again? Taxes/Checking accounts I'm petitioning for him, not my wife, help would be appreciated
  3. I need some help from the V.J. veterans, I'm going to start applying for my Step Sons 10 year G.C. when i applied for my wife's 10 year Green Card I understood about the prerequisite Family members signature, Bank Statements etc. etc. But this is my Step Son what else besides filing the I-751 do i need to attach? I mean I married his Mother & He's her Son what else is there to prove besides he's living with us & were supporting him? He has a Job & Bank Account(Savings) Help Please!!
  4. So all I need to do is go the I-751 form route, does it matter his age is 19 years old now? His 2 Year Green Card expires in August 2018 so in June I should file for his 10 Year Green Card? Thank You
  5. Hello, my Stepson 2 year green card expires in July 2018 I know you have to submit form 90 Days before his Green Card expires, which form do I use? I-90 or I571? Or none of the above for the 10 Year Green Card? Thank You