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    hi everyone..just wanna share our love story..

    my fiance was born in hawaii..his family went back hir (nueva ecija)jst to have a vacation..that was july 1999..but suddenly dey changed der plan..instead dey started goin to skul..(high skul)dat was der story told to me by my friend..i've met him through my friend (his cousin)..at first we really dont like each oders company..i find him so "mayabang & suplado"..and i can see dat he dont like me as well..so who cares..we saw each oder everyday bec 1st we were skulmate & 2nd his cousin is my friend..until he enjoyed staying hir..he had so many friends and gf..pero isa lng nman..lol..one day me and my circle of friends were having our merienda..suddenly he came in front of us w/ his cousin and his bro..i was eating a hotdog sandwich..i didnt know dat his bro was luking at me while im opening my mouth to take a bite at my sandwich..den he called his bros attention..den i heard his bro telling dis to him "hey man luk at dat girl on how he eats her sandwich,she open her mouth den her tongue comes out a little b4 he bites..man its hot"i thought dat was not me cause im not da only one whos eating a hotdog sandwich..from den he always approaches me if i want to eat sandwich or anything jst to see me opening my mouth..LOL..from den i realized dat i was da girl dey were refering to bout on how she eats..sakto nagbreak cla ng gf nya..LOL..on our so called "tambayan"he always went der and tell to us dat "hey,im mark and im single.."all of my friends wer telling too dat were also single except me cause dat tym i had a bf..after a wik i broke up w/ my bf not bec of him but bec i realized dat he dont luv me dat much..i nver expected dat mark wil be da one im goin to luv after a heartbreak..he always cum to me & ask sum questions..(lam mo na mga ganung style eh nanli2gaw na..)on my birthday oct.14 i invited dem to cum to my place..dat day i was supposed to tel him dat i love him to..but den it never happend cause my aunts was der..on OCTOBER 17, 1999 dat was sunday.. my classmate went to our haws..he told my grandma dat he had an emergency dance practice.."dance practice in sunday"?but dat as only my friends tecnic pra pumayag lola ko..my guardian were very strict dat tym..while we r on our way to my friends place she told me dat mark was w/ dem and he was da one who requested na sunduin ako..shocks..dey ask me to watch a movie (MIB)and i aggreed nandun na ako eh..i was already 5:30 in da afternoon or should i say evening..i told him i nid to go home..he disagreed..ist too early p daw..but i cant stay anymore for i know my parents were waiting 4 me..den mark told me u can only go home if u told me dat u luv me..i have no choice but to say dat..to make da long story short when i went to skul da day after tom all the entire skul knows dat i was already his gf..dey stayed hir for 4 years..he went back to states april 21,2003..sad but wat can we do dats da only tym given to dem by da embassy..den wer about to get married on 2005 but his aunt died so he went back hir..changed plans..in May 2006 (my graduation in college)we were about to get married but den he cant cum home in May..instead he went back hir on October '06..from den he told me dat he will be filling a petition..and hir it cums now..visa approved and jst waiting for my visa..after 9 years we will be together..Thank God..

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