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  1. *Giuly and Rocky*

    N-400 while stationed in Italy

    thank you for your reply! so do I check option B. AND E.Other (explain) or only section E?
  2. Hello Everybody! my husband is active duty and currently stationed in Italy. I am here in Italy as well, command sponsorship. I have been a GC holder for 9 years and I am ready to apply for my citizenship. I would like to be able to complete the whole process without having to travel back to the USA and I already contact Rome Embassy about it. On the USCIS website I found this "Spouses should indicate that they seek to naturalize through the general provision [30] or on the basis of their marriage to a U.S. citizen for three years [31] and to rely on INA 319(e) to meet the applicable continuous residence and physical presence requirements. Spouses should also write in: “319(e) Overseas Naturalization,” if so desired" So my question is....where do I write in "319(e) Overseas Naturalization" Thank you in advance if you can help me figure this out =D