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  1. How do you know this? VAWA cases are secret and the accuser is not even notified. There is no due process, no evidence, no rebuttal and no opportunity to clear my name. I can't even find out if my ex actually filed a VAWA claim but its the only way she can get her GC so I assume she did so.
  2. Hi, I brought a Filipina to USA on a K-1 in 2008. She divorced me after 3.5 years due to hypergamy. In 2016, I met another Filipina whom I thought I knew very well and brought her to USA on a 2nd K-1 but she refused to consummate the marriage, claiming medical reasons but a physician, gynecologist and a psychological counselor said they could find no reason for a lack of libido. a, then the day after she received her work permit, she suddenly left after starting an argument with me. My own investigation revealed she had several men lined up that I knew nothing about. Phone records revealed she had been to the Police and then a women's shelter where I assume she was given a list of 'abuses' to use for a VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) waiver so she can get her GC without needing me. I immediately withdrew her I-864 and received notice from USCIS of same. She has been gone 14 months and has not contacted me and refuses to reply to emails. I started divorce proceedings which will be final in a few weeks. Last month, a Filipina friend of mine I know and trust introduced me to her sister who is in the Philippines and I contacted her and will go see her in 2019. She seems to be a match for me. If she is, and we decide to marry on a K2 visa (she has a 7 y/o son), I will have to apply for a I-129 multiple visa waiver. However, I feel certain my about-to-be-ex-wife has filed a VAWA waiver claiming abuse, so will USCIS deny me because of that? This statement is made by USCIS in reference: "If you have committed a violent offense against a person or persons, the USCIS may not grant such a waiver unless you can demonstrate that extraordinary circumstances exist." I would assume they mean that if I was convicted of a violent crime, then this would apply but a VAWA waiver is done in secret without due process to the man, so even if they accept her story, I will have no record of being 'convicted' in a VAWA court but USCIS will. Also, the VAWA court defines abuse as emotional as well as physical so all she has to do is say I hurt her feelings, got angry and didn't buy her a new car or any number of things they call abuse but none of it is violence per se. Anyone have any information on this? If it looks like I will be denied due to a VAWA 'conviction', I won't even go meet this girl but it is a shame because she may be 'the one' for me. Please hold back your opinion about knowing a woman before I marry her. I'm 1/2 Filipino and I know nothing is guaranteed. Thanks, Mike
  3. Did the I-864 get successfully pulled/revoked? Yes? No ? Unknown ? If successful before any AOS review , the AOS is stopped, she cannot be issued a green card based on marriage .   



  4. I'm already paying child support and on the hook for one Filipina that was unfaithful. I don't know about you, but money for me is hard earned and limited, that is why I'm so concerned with that. Who wouldn't be? And the question of withdrawing the I-864 is not yet answered. I don't know for sure that I submitted it in time. It appears that my wife and whoever is helping her know the timelines, know what to do. I'm certainly behind the curve. If she gets her AOS, I'm responsible. Go read about what happens in court on these kinds of cases and see what hell men like me go through for women like that. Annulment is not a certainty at this point, only a possibility. I won't let her back. Why do I like Filipina women? Why do I like Cheeseburgers? Why Do I like the color Blue? My heritage if Filipino. My dad was from there. I went there, I liked the women. Is it ok if I like what I like? I like brown skin, is that ok with you? I like petite women, it that ok with you? And, its not 2 strikes, this is not a game. I got used twice by two scheming women from a country that is apparently full of women who know how to do this well. Why don't you tell me what kind of woman I should be looking for.
  5. Thanks so much to you...and everyone. Yes, it hurts and I can't help the feelings, as if revenge would help but I know you and the others are right. I just have to make sure I've done all I can and will do all I need to do to protect myself. Thanks again for your kind thoughts.
  6. LOL! Yes, it appears that way. And, you know what? I was wondering...why would she do that? I think she is giving bad advice on purpose to ruin my marriage because she knows I'm stronger as a couple than alone. Here's the thing, up until June, my ex and I were NOT on good terms. Then suddenly, she became REAL nice, cooperating with me on everything in our custody of our son. I thought, 'hey, she respects that I've re-married and moved on'. NO. During the exchange of our child, she sent a 'gift' to my current wife..2 big bags of lotion, soap, female stuff...you know. My ex must have put a note in the bag in a way that only my wife would find it.....certainly in Tagalog. Probably saying something like, "call me at this number xxx-xxx-xxxx so I can tell you all his nasty violent secrets". And so she lied to her, poisoned her on me and turned her against me with a promise of quick wealth from rich men just waiting for her.
  7. Hey, thanks. Yeah, I'm going to do a bunch of research too. It does not appear that I will suffer too much if I can't get it but it seems fair to me since I was defrauded. Of course, its the proof that will be hard to present. So far, its all just circumstantial I think. I really have no proof. She did a good job of deceiving me. I never saw it until she blew up at me last Friday. Man, if I could somehow show how she's been since she got here and then show how she was on Friday when the subject of her texting my ex came up, any judge would know she is guilty! To me, her reaction was a sure sign of guilt. I should have called the Police on her! Hell, to be honest, she did kind of scare me she was so mad LOL. Anyway, thanks for the comment. I hope you're right.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I still have to do a bunch of research on annulment. I know what it is and I think it will relieve me of alimony but I'm not sure, I've been so busy worrying about the I-864. I know that once the AOS is approved, I'm on the hook unless I pulled it in time. If I can't go that route, my attorney has given me two options for divorce and I just want to wait until I know the status of her AOS before I decide which path to take. I'm sorry you went through a tough time too. It really sucks.
  9. Ok this is what I was looking for too! Thanks. I wasn't sure but now you are confirming what I thought....that even if she gets her AOS approved, she still may not get her 10 year GC because she won't be able to prove we have a bona fide marriage...because 1) We will not have been together from now til then, 2) no photos of us living together 3) no bills or other shared documents. Am I right? I really don't care what she does after our divorce but I just am worried about the I-864 financial obligations. If anyone is going to go on welfare, it's her. Maybe not soon, but before she completes 40 quarters, leaves or dies...that is for sure!
  10. Thanks, I'm calm. More hurt than angry. Its gonna take some time to heal.
  11. Thanks! Really good point about the "I'm coming back..." message. My attorney said that if it was so bad, then she would have filed first thing Monday and as of now, she has not filed so it was all just a ploy to get the VAWA thing. My attorney is looking at the annulment on grounds of no consummation but he said he didn't think we can use that, I'll know more next week.
  12. I just want to give my deepest heartfelt thanks so all of you who have replied and given me information and shared their experiences. It is truly amazing how kind you all are. Thanks so much!
  13. Thanks. I guess all I can do is wait, but I you know how USCIS is, there is really no way to tell when there are going to do anything. We all just have to wait on them to do their thing. Its just that I handled every single detail of this Visa Journey, she really couldn't do any of it without me telling her exactly what to do. IF she is scheming now, its with the help of someone. And yes, I have gotten much very valuable information here.
  14. Thank you very much for your insight and thoughts. I know not all Filipina are like this but I sure failed to choose wisely. I did my research. She and I were Ox and Rat respectively....a perfect match, and we did get along so well. That's part of what is really killing me, we got along great! No problems, until last Friday. I guess Chinese Zodiac can't say what a person's moral virtues or priorities are. I do love the Philippines. My dad is from Bulacan, so that is my heritage, my blood. I just wanted to belong to a family as I have none to speak of here but you know, my first wife from Samar would not let me meet her family....and now that I look back, my current wife's family seemed to be cold. I guess I missed a vital clue. Regardless, I'm never going there again and I'm done with marriage. Better to live alone than with someone who does not love you. Thanks again. LOL! Yes, I will. Thanks
  15. You are right, but its easier said than done. I can divorce her, that I know. But years down the road, I'm afraid I'll get a Federal Subpoena to Immigration Court telling me I owe tens of thousands of dollars to the US for all the welfare she was on. And, it just kills me to think I might see her all happy with her new boyfriend after all I've done for her, all the love and devotion I gave her, the money, all that time, all that effort, all that paperwork, etc.....all to be discarded as a used toilet paper and flushed down the toilet. It hurts a lot. But I know time will heal the wounds.