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    We met back in 2005 while I was on vacation in Montego Bay, he was working as a bartender at the hotel I was staying at. We began a serious relationship in August 2006 and to fight the distance I went to visit him at least every 2-3 months. Once we knew we couldn't stand to be apart any longer, we filed the I-129F November 2007. After a long waiting game, he finally arrived the end of August 2008 and we married October 25th.

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  1. Just looking for opinions... My husband and I are going for his AOS interview March 25th. I have been going over and over his paperwork and I think we are pretty well prepared but I am nervous about one thing. When he went for his K-1 medical in Jamaica he was never given a TB skin test, he had the chest x-ray, but no skin test. When we went to the civil surgeon to get the I-693A supplement filled out, the civil surgeon said his vaccinations were complete and signed off on the form, and again no TB skin test. We have already received AP, EAP, and since the interview is right around the corner do you think if we were going to get an RFE for the TB skin test we would have gotten it already? I know it is entirely possible that we will get one at the interview but I really hope not. Has anyone else been approved recently without having the skin test? It is my understanding the the skin test was required for all medicals completed June 1, 2008 and after and his was in July. Thanks for any insight you might have