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  1. I know the feeling. It’s day 106 and still nothing. It’s so depressing for me. I try not to check everyday but I can’t help it
  2. Wow all the Queens filers making me feel really good. I’m in Queens too. Praying that I’ll get some good news by summer. Good luck with your interview and keep us informed.
  3. Hi congratulations. What borough are you in? Did your AP get approved?
  4. Wow that’s great. I’m in Queens too. I file in December and patiently waiting. When did you get your work permit?
  5. Lol today is my 100 milestone too. And like you I’m patiently waiting. At least 30 more days before something good happening.
  6. Congratulations to you both. Did you guys receive your work permit?
  7. Wow good luck to both of you😊 please remember to post interview experiences.👏🏾
  8. Wow congratulations. Where in NY are you? And good luck With your interview.
  9. I applied for AOS (which is pending) with the Amended one. So far no problem.
  10. Oh ok. I don’t know how to answe that but I got mine amended because I had to renew my passport with my married name and my passport office refused to accept it without it been amended. After it’s amended it will be printed in BIG BOLD letters AMENDED.
  11. She took the old one ripped it and put it in the garbage and issued me a new one.
  12. My middle name was spelled incorrectly and I had to get it corrected. I went to the courthouse in Manhattan to get it Amended. It was corrected and given back to me the same day. All you need is a $10 (money order or credit/credit card) valid ID your Bc and the marriage certificate.
  13. Thank you I did check your timeline after I ask that question😁. PD means priority date. Anyway congrats and good luck
  14. What! Wow that was super fast. You are the 1st of all of us... Congratulations 🎊. Please keep us imform. Also do you mind sharing your pd and bio date please.