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  1. rocks

    London Embassy

    Thanks guys! I can't find our sling! I did think of that but it went in the roof somewhere and can't be found... Oh well
  2. rocks

    London Embassy

    Thank you, Gould was the place. Can't believe I'm going back there after 9 years. At least this time my husband will be with me 😀
  3. rocks

    London Embassy

    Hi It's been a long time since I visited the London Embassy. We are going there for CRBA and I have got an email telling me what I can and can't take but wanted to check some things here. It says no big bags, will a large nappy bag will be ok? It's not like a huge suitcase but it isn't small. What about a pushchair? When I went there, phones and keys were banned so we stored our stuff at a local pharmacy, I can't remember where now. Do people still do this? Thanks! 😀