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  1. Hello, recently my husband and I applied for Military Parole in Place. It was accepted and I now have the I-94 in hand. Normally the next step in the process is to file I-130 and I-485. However, my husband just got orders to pcs to S. Korea. He is currently weighing out the options but it would be a very nice experience for the both of us, predominantly him. One of the biggest things on our mind is how we would continue the process if I were to or if I even can pcs with him. I know I need to have a SOFA stamp. I do have my Mexican Passport, currently waiting on my EAD and SSN. Though I have researched and it seems I would not be able to get the SOFA stamp. However I have also seen some articles say I can by visiting the Military Passport Agent and showing them my passport, I-94, and his orders with me on it. For simplicity: Q1: With my currently approved Parole in Place I-94 (expires March 2025), am I able to accompany him to S. Korea? Mexican national here btw. I’ve also seen that it would be a good idea to do another I-131 Application but this time instead of doing it for Military Parole in Place, doing it for a regular Advanced Parole. Q2: If it is possible for us to move together, would it be wise to begin the I-130 process in the states or once we are in S. Korea? Q3: Really all we want to know is if I can move to Korea with him without tarnishing the immigration process prospects granted through Military Parole in Place. Extra Considerable Info: -I-94 accepted on March 14th 2024 —Expires March 14th 2025 (for Mil PiP, you can reapply frequently to extend your stay) -Yes, I will be on his official pcs documents and he is set as accompanied move. -I am in the DEERS system already and hold my Military ID. -EAD and SSN application filed online through MyUSCIS on March 23rd 2024 -Received and Biometrics reused on the same day. -Husband only has 1 more year until he gets out, he has the opportunity to end his active duty in Korea Any help/tips/information at all is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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