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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm hopeful that someone can share their interview experience in Frankfurt, Germany. Mine is scheduled for Jan 2nd, and I have a few questions before the interview: 1. Where are applicants supposed to store their devices since we're not allowed to bring them in? Does FRA Consulate have any facilities on the grounds where I could lock my phone for a fee? My best idea so far is to inquire about this service at the hotel reception desk, but there's no guarantee I'll see my phone again. 2. This one is for those of you who have already been granted a visa: how quick is the delivery? Let's say the interview is on Tue 2nd, will the passport be in my home mailbox on Thursday evening, Friday morning, or should I not have any hopes for another 2 weeks since the date of the interview? Delivery is Premiun UPS from Frankfurt to Berlin. 3. Originals of the documents. Since my hubby is traveling from the US to me in several days, I am thinking of all the possible documents I might be asked to provide during the interview. Since my mother and father-in-law co-petitioned for me together with my husband, they uploaded their marriage certificates as proof they're related, and their house deed as proof of their domicile. I personally feel deeply uncomfortable asking them to provide me with these documents and send them with my husband overseas. And I honestly don't think anyone will ask for them, or am I wrong? Thanks in advance for your advice. K.D.
  2. Hey guys, I'll try to reactivate this old topic instead of starting a new one because I have a similar question in 2023. I would like to ask those of you who recently got their CR-1 in Frankfurt - how long did you wait for delivery by UPS Premium? My interview is scheduled for Jan 2nd. A while ago, we booked a trip to France, but since I am going to be without a passport, it's not entirely legal for me to leave the country (even if I go to another Schengen state). The trip is scheduled for the early morning of Jan 5th. I assume there is no way I'll catch it. How many workdays did you guys wait for your passport to arrive? (mine is supposed to be delivered to Berlin) Thanks in advance. Katja
  3. Thank you so much for your valuable advice. We double-checked the uploaded documents, and it turns out my husband misunderstood the question about the assets. He mistakenly included my name and income in that section, leading to the request for tax forms and the I-864 from me. Fortunately, they have approved all the documents now and transferred my case to the US embassy in Germany. It's time to wait for an appointment and prepare for the interview❤️
  4. So I should just ignore the CEAC message and don't add myself as a member? "Katja's Form I-864A is missing. Please add Katja as a Household Member in CEAC and upload all documents under their name. Please visit https://www.uscis.gov/i-864a to complete this form. FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES: Financial sponsors, joint sponsors, and applicants should be aware of responsibilities when signing an I-864 and the consequences for a sponsored immigrant's acceptance of federal means-tested public benefits. For more information visit https://nvc.state.gov/aos."
  5. Thanks! Okay, I get it—my MiL has to be a joint sponsor too. I simply don't understand how I'm supposed to react to the requirement of I-864A from me. Should I upload a written explanation of why I can't be my own sponsor and don't have a tax return transcript since I've never even been to the country before, not to mention working there or anything like that? I also somehow don't get why they expect me to file taxes in the country I've never been to, even if my husband is its citizen. What's the logic behind that?
  6. Thanks for your prompt response. They clearly saw I am not in the US and, therefore, not a household member. Why did they ask him to add me as a member then? How should I respond to the requirement to add me as a household member in the system and upload my I-864A form and tax papers? Should I just upload a written explanation saying, "No, I am not a household member and not a sponsor for myself?" Or should I just submit papers for my MiL as a joint sponsor and see what's going to change? Maybe in the next review, they won't ask me to upload the form anymore? And yes, he filed the taxes separately, already being married last year. I didn't know I am supposed to file the taxes, residing outside of the country, just because I am married to him. He said, actually, I don't have to do it (but I assume he might be wrong as well).
  7. Hello everyone! I'm new here, so I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed. I searched for I-864A related topics and honestly didn't find any with the same problem as mine. Correct me if I'm wrong, though. Situation: INTRO: (I am the intended immigrant, and my US husband is my sponsor. He lives in the US, while I currently reside outside of the US. The I-130 has been approved, and we're in the process of collecting financial documents. And we stuck.) 1. I submitted my DS-260 and all required documents. My US husband submitted his Affidavit of Support and related financial docs from him and his father, who is my joint sponsor. NVC requested additional financial documents from me, such as Form I-864A. Technically, they sent a request to my husband, asking him to provide this form signed by me. As far as I can see from the instructions for this form attached below as a screenshot, I can be a household member and a sponsor of my immigration only if my husband seeks to rely on my financial help while he is my sponsor (No, his income and the income of his father are more than enough to be my sponsor), or if we have the same residency (which is not our case), or I can show that my income will continue after the acquisition of permanent residence (which I can't, as I have to quit my job when I'm granted a visa). NVC also requested the latest IRS tax return transcript from me. We didn't file taxes jointly since I don't have to do it, currently residing outside of the country. Correct me if I am wrong, and I must have filed taxes together last year since we are married. 2. NVC also requested the I-864A form from my mother-in-law and her copy of the IRS tax return. The income of my joint sponsor, my father-in-law, is more than enough. However, since they are married and both are retired, could it be the case that NVC also needs the I-864A from the spouse of the joint sponsor, even though the income of the joint sponsor is more than sufficient? Intermezzo: My husband asked all these questions above and elaborated on our case in the NVC inquiry form on their website. However, he received the most generic response ever, which I have attached to this topic as well. In summary, the response was, "Please attach the required missing documents; we sent you a related message in the system." 🤡 That made him very sad. Questions: 1. Should I actually fill out I-864A for myself or was it a mistake from the NVC reviewer? 2. If it was a mistake, HOW TO COMMUNICATE THIS MESSAGE to the assigned case worker? I am just afraid, I get the same generated answer, as my husband did a week ago...Should I somehow attach a written explanation of "why I can't be my own sponsor" or what? 3. Should my mother-in-law fill out this form and attach her IRS tax return copy as well? If so, why? Why my father-in-law's docs are not enough? I honestly rely on your help and advice. If there is anyone, who ever faced the same rpblem - PLASE reply to this topic. I am horrified. Thank you in advance❤️ Katja
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