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  1. I went over the website, and saw the helpdesk in the US embassy doha, i recommend you went thru with their guidelines of how to write the email or else they will just delete it. Website: www.ustraveldocs.com This is the email: IVDoha@state.gov ‐--‐------------------------------------ So i was really anxious on this one hence the email, they replied that they already have my aramex registration on file. So all is good. You may ask them other questions too on that mail, following their specific instructions, they replied promptly btw !
  2. I emailed them and apparently they already had it on their database... So all was good
  3. Thanks. I will. Its just that part of the requirements is the confirmation page of this aramex registration confirmation.. But i will still go there!
  4. Yes, i have received an email from iv consular doha... yet on the final part where I had to pay for my visa application, it forwards you to the attached pic. One of the requirements is to bring them this confirmation page for aramex...so im stuck here..🥲
  5. So I received my schedule for interview and gathered all my requirements, however on the final part where yoh nad to go to ustraveldocs to fill in and pay, which I already did, it only shows no schedule available... so what about the email then? Now i am stuck, emailed them to report, yet it will take 2 days, and my schedule on email is already in 3 days! Its last minute I know but I just had my funds in my credit card now. I cant even contact them and all can only course thru mail.
  6. Need assistance here please! We were informed the the case was forwarded now, but looking at the site, i cant see any steps on how to proceed next.. Message was: On ----------- we sent your case, Receipt Number -----------, to the Department of State for visa processing. You can find general information on Consular Processing by visiting our website at www.uscis.gov
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