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  1. This past Friday our case status in CEAC officially changed to "Issued", but USTraveldocs is still blank so I assume we now just wait to get the email that the passport is ready for pickup. I called multiple times, but no luck on getting any new information.
  2. Good to hear that it’s not only us. We still haven’t heard back yet, but I guess it is just a waiting game
  3. Hello, My fiancee and I got approved for the K1 Visa in the Dominican Republic on Nov 8th of this year. How long does it take to get the email that the passport is ready? The officer said 2 weeks at the end of the appointment, but we are over our two week mark. CEAC says visa is in "ready" for interview status (as of November 14th) and UStraveldocs is blank as of today. Every time I call they do not give much information except for that "ready" status.
  4. Thank you for your response! The country she will be traveling from is the Dominican Republic to the airport in New Jersey, no layovers. Hopefully we are able to travel together when the time comes because she will most likely not have any cell service to keep me updated when she arrives if we are separate.
  5. I know it most likely will help the entry to the U.S go smoother if I do travel side by side with my fiancee, but I wanted to make sure that just in case I cannot take PTO from my job to return that she will be okay entering on her own. I am already attending the interview with her in a few days and it is a 50/50 chance that she will received her passport (once approved) before I leave back to the U.S. Has anyone had experience entering the U.S on their own on a K1 visa? Of course, I would be the one to pick her up from the airport, but the thought of not being side by side makes both of us a bit nervous.
  6. That makes sense. I was just confused because after we booked the consulate appointment the instructions they sent said to complete the I-864 which I found weird because K1 visas normally request the I-134 and not I-864. Most likely just an error on the consulates part. But I will fill out the I-134 and just take that along with W-2s and job letter.
  7. I’m super stressed. My fiancée and I were never requested to do the I-134 at all. In other words we cruised right through the process; did the DS-160 and got to scheduling our biometric interview and consular interview (Nov 8th). Should I still fill out the form and take it with me to the appointment?? I have not seen or heard of anyone not being asked for the I-134.
  8. The embassy requested from us a I-864 and I-864A and not a I-134. Has anyone has this happen? I have not heard or any K1 visa applicants being asked for a I-864/I-864
  9. Our NOA2 notice date is 09/04/2023 (previously on this threat said 09/05, but was a mistype), but we haven’t heard anything from NVC. Should we worry? I emailed them already, but no response yet.
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