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  1. Please guys I need help at what point should I get the police Clearance Certificate for my two children in Nigeria? They are both above 18. So this to be submitted with the NVC documents or at the time of their interviews? I just got to know that the police clearance is good for 90 days and I am concerned it will expire before their interview. The two cases are going to Lagos Nigeria my questions are do I need to submit the police clearance with NVC required documents or have them carry it to the interview? your responses will be appreciated thank you
  2. @Loren Y , I have just gotten off the phone with a staff that works in the DNA facility in the link you left for me. I called them using this phone number +234 810 259 4251. which is the number on the website. The lady I spoke with told me they only do DNA documentation for the clients and forward to US embassy. That when the sample will be collected is decided by the US embassy and that they do not have any control over what happens. I tried reading out to her your guide on this and she asked that I call the same number you had called as it maybe a different lad. Please help me with the number. Thank you so much
  3. @Loren Y please share the number you called with me . thank you
  4. Thanks so much @Loren Y. I am deeply grateful. I will call them in the morning and as soon as they collect the sample, I will go after the DNA center I paid months ago for a refund.
  5. The level of hate people spread even to the vulnerable people is highly appalling. You do not know my story so even though I feel tempted to respond to your hate will keep quiet. please note this. my children are my children, I had paid 1150 dollars to universal genetic to conduct this DNA test over three months ago. I am not mad at your madness, in this forum I found help from sincere people. Every Nigerian is not a scammer just know this. I am more than grateful to those who brought to my attention the fact that there are AABB DNA centers in Nigeria. I will call them as soon as it is 8am nigeria time. I do not mind making another payment to get this done while I take time to go after the laboratory I paid money to months ago for a refund. I came to this forum to find help. The bigger picture is that help is on its way to me. For those that doubt my being the mother of my children, check yourselves. In a world that has remained really tough for people, if your heart does not generate love or kindness, keep your hate to yourself. I will come back here to share my testimony. Again to those that focused on finding answers to my enquiry, you are deeply appreciated!
  6. Thank you so much for this , USCIS requires one to start a DNA testing with some acredited DNA centers. None of them is in Nigeria. And this labs would send the kits to lagos embassy. The embassy will receive it and schedule the immigrants for the sample collection which happens inside the embassy. They do not accept results from other labs no matter how accredited they are . I’m looking for someone who has gone through this process so to ask how they did it. Another person I read her post said she had paid for herself and her mom since 2019 and still has not been called for the sample collection of her mom. This is what scares me.
  7. So my worry is about the delays that happen before the test. I have seen those that paid for the test in 2019 still waiting for the sample to be taken.
  8. I have tried to expedite in the past and it didn't work out. my kids are living with my sister and its alot of back and forth issues lately about a lot of things.
  9. @Ontarkie Please read my post again, my question is not how to not do a DNA but what I can do to not wait for 5 years before they call my children to take their sample. Please respond if you have any suggestion thank you
  10. I need guidance guys, so I have been asked to take DNA for my two children. I have read a few comments talking about DNA delays and i am feeling hope,less. I have thought of emailing US embassy in lagos. Please has anyone gone through this hurdle before? what did you do or what do you suggest I do? I am thinking of emailing them but was told it doesn't change anything? is the congressman or woman able to help? I need help to get this done as my kids are suffering so much. your responses will be deeply appreciated.
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