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  1. Yes Steve a little less than 3 weeks. My concern... Originally the appointment was set on September 27th for November 21st. 5 days later on october 2nd they canceled we received the notice ans rescheduled immediately to November 28th. On November 8th, 37 days later they canceled and rescheduled. The issue here frankfurt is not close to my fiance. So a day off from work, hotel and transportation all have to be arranged and accounted for. On November 7th the day before he was canceled he made said arrangements. Making arrangements 3 weeks exactly 21 days before an appointment that requires travel is not overboard. He was able to cancel everything but what stops the embassy from canceling say next week? I'm just trying to prepare and have a backup option in this event. And see what others are going through. I have no idea what the reasons for expedite can be. So I figured I ask if theres any way to do it. Someone would give me an answer. So what are exceptional reasons they accept?
  2. The original appointment for k1 interview was 11/21. 5 days later they emailed and said they canceled it. Rescheduled for 11/28. Yesterday over one month of being scheduled we received another cancelation. Anyone else in this situation? any advice? Transfer embassy? Any way to get expedited appointment? The message sent from consulate: Dear applicant: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt has to cancel your visa interview appointment. Please reschedule at your own convenience. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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