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  1. Hey Jorgedig, thanks for the reply. I have posted on another main thread about RFE, explaining the difficult situation. In short, we consulted an immigration attorney (and we could not get an appointment before end of January 2023) about some guidance, and she told us that we have slim chances of getting this application approved because they received the folder five days past our "2 years prior meeting requirement". She told us not to waste too much time with the reply, we obviously still gonna send a response and also, she suggested, if possible, to meet my fiancee before the possible denial. So no, I would prefer not to worry about not howing ties/not getting admitted as you said, but time is slipping away here, and patiently we have been waiting for 500+ days to get what, a ridiculous denial, when I have been in a relationship with my fiancee for many years. We need to see each other anyway, whether we decide to file again or plan an alternative resolution, like getting married and filing directly for I-30, which seems the best option according to our lawyer too. A famous quote reads "if you are right, your world will be right" , I am gonna be prepared for whatever and honest with CBP, knowing I am on the right side. Wish me good luck :)
  2. Thank you for the answer! I am able to translate on my own but do you think they find it legit? I know there are services, it is just personal info I do not like to give so easily. Also it is quite a lot of material = €€€ 😓
  3. Thank you for your answer Crazy Cat. No, I haven't asked my attorney yet, honestly I just thought about this yesterday; although I did ask her about the documentation but she didn't mention anything about getting English translation. Man, I don't know where to find a reliable translator here and most importantly, who can do the job in a month or so. I wish my own translation would be enough! 😄 But do you think I should be okay with CBP?
  4. Hello, I applied for K-1 Visa in September 2021 and we got a RFE letter last December 2022, which we are gonna reply back to, in the next two weeks, before the deadline set for March 10, 2023. I haven't traveled to visit my American fiancee in her home country since we've filed the application, just to avoid problems with the CBP while the visa process pending. But right now, I am planning to go and see her at the end of March, because she is going through a serious family issue and she cannot really leave USA at the moment. Has anyone flown while waiting for RFE response? I am from Italy and I have a valid ESTA. Of course, I intend to bring with me evidence of strong ties at home and we already have an immigration attorney we hired for RFE consultation. Although my documentation (bank account, tax refund, family id's, job paycheck, etc.) is written in Italian, should I have them translated by a professional translator or is it not required? Anyone done this? Thank you in advance for your attention.
  5. Man, that is so frustrating, I hope it is going to go smoothly this time for you. May I ask you how did it go at the Customs when you visited your fiancée? Did they inquire about your RFE pending or they just didn't press much? Thank you in advance for your response.
  6. Hello, I just signed up to the forum today, hoping to find good insights and advice from people who are or were in the similiar situation. We sent K-1 Visa application on September 15, 2021 and got NOA1 on September 20, 2021. On December 18, 2022, we received a RFE for additional evidence because apparently we fall outside the 2-years meeting requirement (technically untrue) but unforturnately we did not realize until later that what matters was the date USCIS received it, rather than the day we actually shipped the folder. We provided all the correct documents, pictures of us, plane tickets, my passport stamps, hotel accomodations, although we did not add a statement of intent to marry signed up by both, at the time we didn't think of this. We also explained that we could not have other meetings during pandemics for travel restrictions, but they consider this reason insufficient. Anyway, after initial panic, we consulted an immigration attorney who told us we should not waste too much of our time on a response because we are going to get a denial, yet we are sending it by March 30, 2023 deadline, just to prove we are in good faith. We believe, and our lawyer agrees with us, we are being extremely "scrutinized" because we are a same-sex couple with big age difference and my fiancee was married before with opposite-sex spouses. This is so unfair. I preferred not to travel to US for all this time, for fear of being denied at entry while waiting for this whole visa process, but we haven't seen each other for friggin' two years, and sadly right now, my fiancee, who is the American citizen, is going through a serious family issue, she cannot leave her country and I would like to be by her side and be supportive, as any normal partner would wish to do. Our attorney suggested that the best timeframe to visit her is before we receive USCIS decision, hence possible denial. Has any of you come to USA with K-1 Visa and RFE pending? How did it go? And what questions/proof CBP asked for specifically? Is it worth to try? Has anyone had problems with entering USA as tourist, after getting a visa denied? We are considering at this point to get married directly, if we get a denial. Has anyone done the same and how? Thank you an advance for your attention, this is so frustrating and it is making us very anxious. We just want to be together for good...
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