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  1. Yes, we realize we can always file paper. But, we would like to file online if we can.
  2. We are trying to renew my wife's 10-year green card online. She created an account on the USCIS site, but we cannot validate here identity. I think it is because of the DOS case ID. We tried using the number from the visa stamp in her old passport as discussed here https://www.uscis.gov/forms/immigrant-fee-payment-tips-finding-your-a-number-and-dos-case-id However, that does not work. We also tried various numbers from mail we received from USCIS since she came to US, but those do not work either. All of these numbers are at 9-10 years old since the last interaction we had with USCIS was when she removed the conditions on her conditional status. Our question is do we need to validate her identity to be able to submit her I-90 renewal online? I we cannot validate her identity, does this mean we have to submit the I-90 forms by mail instead? Thank you,
  3. Hi, We are renewing my wife's 10-year permanent resident card and have some questions on Part 1 #14 and Part 3 of the I-90 Form. Looking around online there seems to be quite a bit of confusion about these questions. Some details: We applied for her immigrant visa at the US Embassy in Tokyo and also recevied it there (sticker in her passport). My wife entered the U.S. in 2008 with a CR1 status, received a two-year conditional permanent resident card, and her port-of-entry was Seattle-Tacoma Airport. The conditions were removed in 2010, she received her 10-year permanent resident card and her status now is IR1 on her card. In part 1, #14, Class of Admission: Is this CR1 (when she was admitted) or IR1 (current status shown on permanent resident card Card). In Part 3: #1 Location where you applied for immigrant visa: US Embassy,Tokyo, Japan??? Or is this related to some service center involved after she entered the U.S.? #2 Location where your immigrant visa was issued immigrant visa: US Embassy, Tokyo, Japan??? Or is this related to some service center involved after she entered the U.S.? #3.a.1. Port of Entry : Is this Seattle-Tacoma Airport? Seattle-Tacoma Airport, Seattle, WA? Seattle, Washingon? Seattle, WA, Airport? The instructions are not quite clear to us and the box is too small for everything. Our biggest concern in 1 #14. Thank you, John
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