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    I met my Ako in June 2006 through some friends. She helped me with my Japanese and I helped her learn English. We weren't looking for love but that's what it turned into. I visited Japan many times before I actually met Ako so I knew already about Japan and Japanese culture. We were supposed to meet in December 2006 but my schedule didn't permit it. She came to visit me in June 2007 and stayed for three months here in Texas. My family fell in love with her and I fell in love and there rest is history. We married on November 13th in Tokyo. I 've stayed with her and her family a few months then came back here. She is currently visiting me in America for a month then she will go back. August 10th is the due date for my wife to have my first daughter!! I cant wait to bring them both back to America!
    I love my wife!!

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