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  1. Booked for London Embassy also. I was able to do the same from March 1st. Booked without recieving the 'packet' or letter from the Embassy. Called the booking number and they said we book it ourselves and the Embassy does not book it for us. Whether he actually understood the fact I said I didn't have a letter of instructions before doing so, I don't know. I assume we're good to go. Also I seen your interview date, not long after mine... good luck!!
  2. Hi, NOA 1: 27 August 2021 NOA 2: November 2 2021 CEAC case status 'Ready': Febuary 02 2023 Embassy: London I have not yet recieved the packet from the Embassy, is it ok to go ahead and schedule interview/medical myself? I am seeing mixed comments on whether i can or cannot. I see others who were accepted after who already have an interview... do wonder if my packet is lost in the mail or they have gone ahead and scheduled before recieving. Thanks in advance
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