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  1. This is the stupidest form ever. I had a world of trouble reading and understanding it back and forth beneficiary, petitioner, etc., They need to make it simpler.
  2. The fact that USCIS keeps pushing the goalpost forward prevents you from filing a case inquiry with them and insulates them from scrutiny - to an extent. As long as you exhaust your remedies you could have someone file a Petition For Writ of Mandamus. Then USCIS will have to hire a lawyer to defend it and usually they will decide the petition then.
  3. My fiance and I have met 6 times in the 14 months since filing the I-129F petition, which was approved the other day. These are documented in the package for her K-1 Visa interview. One meeting did not take place. We planned to meet in Cancun, Mexico. Sadly, Mexican immigration denied her entry, stating that the hotel reservation was not in her name. They returned her to Colombia the same day, after stealing the cash she had in her purse. I returned to the US the next day. Her passport has and exit stamp and an entry stamp on the same day. Do we need to explain that?
  4. You are being too literal. A copy of the original I-129F submission.
  5. Will the Bogota K-1 interview be conducted in English? My fiancé does not understand English well enough to field questions and give answers in an interview setting. Can one engage an interpreter for the interview?
  6. I read that the beneficiary must bring the original I-129-F packet with supporting docs. Then birth certificate and prior divorces (mine) evidence of ongoing relationship We have met 5x when the petition was pending. Also the birth and divorce decrees were part of the original package so do they have to be copied and offered separately? We plan another meeting between petition approval and visa interview. These supporting documents on continuing relationship will dwarf the original I-129-F packet. How should all this paperwork be organized? I don’t think they want it to be bound, but can you use paper clips, perhaps make an index?
  7. The I-134 is the form mentioned in all the guides that has to be turned in at the K-1 Visa Interview. I thought that the I-864 was the form used with adjustment of status.
  8. I have transcripts pulled off of the IRS website for the past 3 years. They are about 9 pages each year. Is this what they prefer? Or photocopies of the returns printed from the Turbo Tax website?
  9. There are some areas of the I-134 that are poorly phrased and don't seem to fit the K-1. Part 2, page 3, Beneficiary's Income. It states "Income contribution to the beneficiary annually" does that mean the beneficiary's salary or earnings? Part 3 page 6 the same thing "Income contribution to the Beneficiary Annually" same question. Then under "financial responsibility to other beneficiaries" I don't know the exact date I filed the prior form for my ex wife in 2017. Can I estimate a date? Also I filed an affidavit in 1990 for my second wife. Do I have to list that? Page 8, #24, Intent to make specific contributions to the beneficiary. " She is coming over as my fiancé and we are going to be married. This question does not fit well into that scenario. Then the Beneficiary Statement on p. 8. I can't swear that the beneficiary can read and understand English fully. So should I list myself as an interpreter? Or a preparer?
  10. You dodged a grenade, not a bullet. Better that you found out sooner rather than later.
  11. There aren't any because nobody's petition winds up at this center.
  12. Our 129-F petition was approved on 11/9 and we have not heard anything from the NVC yet. What is the current wait time to secure a K-1 Visa interview interview in Bogota?
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