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  1. No yet but it was our fault 🙈 expired passport. I just submitted all required docs 2weeks ago, so I hope to here from them soon
  2. Faster case Processing | USCIS, DHS announce 2023 Immigration Agenda https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cqtBMAShLV0
  3. If it is consular processing the petitioner does not need to be present for the beneficiary interview but it is recommended 100%. they were talking about waving interviews for first family members (I’m assuming spouses and kids) but a final decision won’t be made until 4/23 this year. Will try to find the link and share it in this thread.
  4. Case tracker is very reliable. I found out there was a change in my account through that app. I work Night Shift so it became a game to refresh my app after midnight. On the 3rd I refreshed my app screen at 5 mins past midnight, no change. But I did it again a 1:30am and that’s when it change my AR date to 2/3/23. So I logged into my account and found my approval under documents tab. Lawfully registered the change at 5pm and I just got an email from uscis today. So case tracker is on point.😊
  5. Do you have case tracker? The app Yes the do! They are working overtime on Saturdays
  6. Soon!! California is definitely doing their thing finally… I saw to other approvals from 1/12/22. I think they are approving cases a few days before you can submit an out of processing time inquiry
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