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    Sylvia_n_Joseph got a reaction from JohnMN in Age difference will matter for K1 Visa   
    It is acceptable for the man to be much older than the woman to the point that he could be her grandfather.
    However if the woman is at all older than the man you are much more apt to have issues. All is not fair.
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    Sylvia_n_Joseph got a reaction from user19000 in Husband's Change of Temper and Attitude Since Marriage   
    There are some people that suffer from mild mental illness that are uncomfortable being close to others on an emotional level. Do you get along OK while you are "at work" and not talking personal things ? If it is a mental problem you would probably be OK working for him and may have a tolerable sex life but he is cold emotionally. If this is the case and he refuses to seek treatment there is little that will change him.
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    Sylvia_n_Joseph got a reaction from ATPEACE in Tourist visa to US from Philippines   
    Our joint family income will be in the 6 figure area and my real estate equtity is over 1/2 mil . Not sure where you get him being a potential burden to society from that other than making an arragant assumption that non white couples are welfare types If you want to prevent burdens to society get rid of co sponsors and substituting assets. But I bet most of those are the poor white trash that want to come over and live off mommy daddy and welfare.
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