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  1. Good Morning,


    Thank you for responding to my post.


    I was wondering if you can provide me with the contact information you have for the embassy in Haiti. 

  2. Thank you everyone. I guess it's best to continue with the K1.
  3. Hello All, I'm a December filer. Any new updates from anyone?
  4. Ok, that's good news. That should be easy to complete. May you please update your timeframe. My fiancé is also in Haiti and I'm curios on how long this whole process will take from each step.
  5. Ask your fiancé to take a picture of the letter the embassy provided him today. That letter will have a check mark next to the line the denial is applicable to. I remember seeing this same question from another OP a couple of weeks ago. She uploaded the actual denial letter and I seen a check mark or an x next to the applicable line.
  6. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
  7. Hello All, I submitted our K1 in Dec/2021. The process is taking longer than what we expected. We really want to get married and start a family asap. We were thinking of getting married now at his home Country and apply for the 1-I30 visa. My questions to you: -Will we have to withdraw the K1 application? -Will the processing time start from zero? -Is it worth doing as far as timeframe?
  8. I-129 F Sent - December 7, 2021 I-129 F Received - December 9, 2021 I-129 F - Notice Date - December 16, 2021
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