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  1. Any update for you?

    1. michaelbenny2020


      No, I am currently working with a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the embassy. 

  2. I’m DV, they look pretty much done as far as interviews go (been keeping track of the interviews).
  3. It’ll cost you some to get it done at a panel doctor. Do you have Canadian health insurance (OHIP/BC MSP etc;)? Some of the vaccines are covered, at least they were for us
  4. This is speculation. Some members in the 5535 Montreal thread who are Canadian born with no travel history to designated countries of concern have been waiting a very long time.
  5. Hi, did you get approved after 5535? How long did it take?

  6. Hi, did you get approved after 5535? How long did it take?

  7. Hey, how long between DS 5535 submission to Montreal and issued for you guys? 

    1. TheLedgerFiles


      It took about 4 months total… but they had to ask for our the paperwork a second time. I’m pretty sure they lost the first copy. If you need to send it in, request that they email you a confirmation of receiving it. 

      Most likely would have taken about 2 less months if they had not lost it. *this was pre-COVID. Not sure about time differences now. 

    2. Throwitaway1988


      Thanks, that’s reassuring!

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