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  1. Because I don't find the local women attractive? I am not running into another relationship. Just wanted to know if I do are there any penalties I face?
  2. Okay, so my fiance decided she didn't want to go on with the K1 visa process. I had filed on May 27, 2022. Received I-797C acknowledging receipt of the application May 25, 2022. I sent a notarized "letter of withdrawal" on 10/13/2022 to the California Service Center. I keep checking MyUscis and there has been no update. Now I know they take forever to do anything but... I tried calling someone but of course could never get through to a human being. Is there an additional step I need to take? Will this affect any possible future K1 petitions? I know what you're thinking, don't jump back in. I have heard of a WAIVER, Is this something I can request at this point? I have also heard of a 2 year ban on future applications. Any truth to this? For those of you curious why my K1 went array here you go. My fiances family, once they knew she was engaged to a "millionaire American" began moving in the her apartment with her. First a cousin, then a niece, then the eldest sister. Now, me being American didn't think this was a good thing. My fiance was going to need more family support $$$ but I was less than willing to support the entire family. She began getting requests daily from friends and family to send them "load". The three additional family members did not work and offered no financial aid of support. (They were all broke) When asked if I could triple her monthly support I replied that the problem was not "inflation" but her lazy-###-bloodsucking family members. (Of course I didn't voice those actual words but but I wanted to) To make a long story short my fiance became cold and within days she said she "just wanted to be friends". I had warned her that her family members would try to break us up as I knew they were jealous of her for many reasons. Any answers to the withdrawal process? 2 year moratorium? P.S. In hindsight I realize that I dodged a lifetime bullet as her family members would have ALWAYS been in need. While I wouldn't mind helping out in an emergency I don't want to support the 18 member family for life. Broken-hearted...Dave
  3. Mahalo for the kind words. Yes, I can see that VJ had changed since the last time I really used it 12 years ago. It's full of judgemental people making snide remarks. Making statements that they know nothing about. I will not post anything here again. I'm done with VJ.
  4. Now that's a rather inappropriate and judgemental comment if I ever heard one. Coming from you Boiler, I am shocked.
  5. I NEVER said that all Filipino men are horrible. I have heard this from many people (dozens I have personally spoken to not just my fiance. Men and women included.)
  6. She does not work overseas and never has. She lives in the Philippines.
  7. This is not the account I wish to close I want to close my old account. Not DaveAndRudyLove account.
  8. Thanks for staying on top of this . I really appreciate it.
  9. Oh yeah I forgot. I pay her 1000 a month for 4 years to buy out her share of the house. Only 50k for a 750,000 dollar home on Maui. So I currently pay her 1529. a month. I stand corrected.
  10. No, honestly I was looking for an older woman but had no luck. Many of them were "stuck" in a marriage to a man who had deserted her and their children. Many were Separated, and that's a disaster in the Philippines. I had no luck. I was actually introduced to this girl by my trike driver in the Philippines. He had a friend who's sister just moved from the Provence to the city and he introduced us. No dating sites this time around. Search youtube for David Olsten. You can see the story, the engagement party, etc.
  11. With all due respect the first Filipina did not use me. We were married for 8 years. She had her green card and US citizenship after 2 years of marriage. We had two children, after the US Citizenship together and were very happy. After having the second child my then wife suffered extreme bleeding in the hospital and went CODE BLUE. Emergency surgery, ventilator, the whole works. Complete removal of all her her female parts, uterus and Fallopian tubes. She survived and we were very happy but she became a different woman. She refused and still refuses to take the female hormones that her doctor prescribed. This is when our marriage started to go down the tubes. And I didn't lose much in the divorce. She wanted very little. I only pay 529 dollars a month child support. So she was not a bad person. She was the only one who couldn't see the changes. I actually feel bad for her but she refuses to take the meds.
  12. Thanks, I appreciate your comments.
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