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  1. Oh dear, I thin I found the answer to my own question. And if people who think May 13 was Wednesday are in charge, I suppose I would do best to just give up. 😉
  2. Hi all I had my IR5 interview at London on Monday the 9th. Officer asked that I appload several further documents. I uploaded one of them the same night without any issues (was new translation of my birth certificate.... I had a self-translation on NVC, which it did accept. But in the interim I aquired an official translation and brought it with me to the interview, so they said I need to upload it to NVC). So it was uploaded and submitted as a further document in "civil documents". Then, by yesterday I amassed the rest of the required documents (if anyone curious, a different i864 and a set of it all from a new joint sponsor, previous joint sponsor was accepted by NVC but thrown out by CO!). But now I can't upload them. Firstly by the way, there is no way to add a new sponsor now that the file is "at London". But the Embassy says to upload the docs into existing primary sponsor (which conicidentally I did with the original joint sponsor in the first place, and NVC bumped it off and made me wait extra 3 months).. But OK, I am uploading them,, again, into the original sponsor. But I can't upload them at all. I get "(400) Bad request" no matter what type of file I choose. For the sake of an experiment, I tried adding something else to civil documents (to which I added a document successfully Monday night) but I also get 400 "Bad request". So I assume that this has to do with some kind of ajor CEAC server failure. How common is that? any one else experiencing it? Do I just sit and wait for it to fix itself? Thanks
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