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  1. He is back home and his luggage is still MIA. It has been the worst experience in his life. I plan on traveling to Lagos the second week of June. Thanks for everyone’s concern and helpful feedback.
  2. He’ll arrive around 6:30am Monday morning
  3. Normally, but they went to check and American Airlines thought he was already on his flight and checked it for him. People make mistakes and don’t follow the rules, it happens.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to say this
  5. I did call CBP a couple of times, it was definitely them. I booked the reservation myself through British Airways and Yes, when he didn’t show up I went to American Airlines ticketing agent and they advised he was not on the flight. I contacted AA again and got his new flight information. I wasn’t born yday.
  6. That was my first thought. When I checked with the ticketing agent and was told he never boarded his flight out of Chicago.
  7. We have no idea where his luggage is.
  8. This is true, and I’m not sure how his luggage entered his connection flight.
  9. I said, I nag more than I should, it was all in our chats. 🙄
  10. I’m not sure why they asked for his phone. However, during one of our arguments I stated this was a Fake Marriage, I was being hateful. I never meant a word of it. Never imagined this would happen. I’m going to review the links you sent. Thanks for being so informative.
  11. I’m just saying what I was told, his paperwork says, “Fake Marriage” and I was asking for help on what to do next.
  12. He has to stay on the same airline he traveled into the states on, which is American and British air. I contacted American Airlines and he is rebooked on a flight leaving out of Chicago tonight through Qatar.
  13. I would fly in a heartbeat if I knew I could see him.
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