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    Pre Visa Process
    11/26/2006 – Robert is shown a picture of Mai and her children by her sister Hoa at a Thanksgiving get together.
    11/29/2006 – Emailed Mai asking permission to start corresponding with her.
    12/01/2006 – Received first email from Mai agreeing to correspond.
    12/06/206 – First phone call with Mai and children Thao and Tai.
    01/10/2007 – We exchange words of affection and love for each other.
    04/10/2007 – Mai applies for tourist visa to travel to America – Visa Denied!
    04/30/2007 – Robert applies for visa to travel to Viet Nam.
    05/12/2007 - Robert asks Mai’s mother for permission to marry Mai.
    05/15/2007 – Set date for engagement (June 18, 2007).
    06/13/2007 – Robert arrives in Saigon meet in person Mai and children for the first time.
    06/18/2007 – Engagement Ceremony (Đính Hôn) attended by about 50 family members.
    06/25/2007 – Robert returns to the States.
    Visa Process First Round
    07/05/2007 – File for K1 Visa – I-129F sent.
    07/18/2007- Notice of Action #1 sent.
    07/19/2007 – I-129F filing fee checked cashed.
    07/23/2007 – Received Notice of Action #1.
    11/21/2007 - NVC receives approved I129F.
    11/28/2007 - Notice of Action #2 sent.
    12/06/2007 – Notice of Action #2 received.
    12/13/2007 – I-129Visa Petition received at HCM Consulate.
    01/17/2008 – Received Packet #3.
    01/25/2008 – Completed Packet 3 forms and sent to Consulate.
    04/10/2008 – Received Packet #4.
    05/19/2008 – Complete medical exams and receive vaccinations.
    05/29/2008 – Interview – received blue slip asking for address and employment information of Robert’s ex-wife who he divorced some twenty one years ago (unbelievable)
    06/04/2008 – Returned with requested information and received another blue slip this time asking for proof of address information of Mai’s sister who lives in New Jersey.
    06/11/2008 – Provided proof of address information that was requested and told to go home and wait for decision on our case to be sent via a letter.
    10/10/2008 – Received letter stating our petition is being denied because the Consular Officer decided that “a reasonable person would be convinced that the claimed relationship upon which the petition is based is in fact a sham entered into to evade immigration laws”.
    12/05/2008 – Case returned to the Vermont Service Center for review.
    06/05/2009 – After further review of our petition (without any rebuttal submitted) the Vermont Service Center re-affirms our petition based on all the original documentation and evidence initially submitted.
    Visa Process Second Round
    06/09/2009 - NVC receives re-affirmed petition.
    07/13/2009 – Re-affirmed petition received at HMC Consulate.
    11/21/2009 – Received Packet #3 (cannot believe it took them over four months to send Packet #3).
    11/26/2009 - Completed Packet 3 forms and sent to Consulate.
    11/29/2009 – Robert travels to Viet Nam 2nd trip stays two weeks.
    12/13/2009 – Robert returns to America.
    02/08/2010 – Receive Packet #4
    02/26/2010 - Complete medical exams and receive vaccinations.
    03/01/2010 - Robert travels to Viet Nam to be present at interview. This is the 3rd trip. I stay three weeks.
    03/04/2010 – Interview – blue slip all ready prepared and sitting on counter at the start of interview what a drag! Blue slip states our case needs additional processing and that they will contact us if they need additional information.
    03/22/2010 – Robert returns to America.
    03/09/2010 – I visit Consulate and speak with Consular Officer handling our case. Not much gets accomplished with this meeting. He basically tells me to go home and wait for their decision.
    03/30/2010 – Receive letter stating our petition is approved and that we can bring passport to Consulate for visa.
    04/09/2010 – Give passport to Consulate.
    04/16/2010 – Receive passport with visa…cannot believe we finally have gotten a visa.
    04/23/2010 – Arrive POE – New York JFK.
    Adjustment of Status Process
    05/03/2010 – Apply for Social Security Card using maiden name
    05/13/2010 – Apply for marriage license.
    05/17/2010 – Receive marriage license.
    05/19/2010 – Receive Social Security Card
    05/20/2010 – Married in civil ceremony.
    05/24/2010 – Apply for Social Security Card with married name
    05/27/2010 – Complete I-693 with Civil Surgeon

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