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    We met on a Disney game (VMK) Sept 2005Talked everyday on a VMK forum for a year and a halfDec 23rd 2006 - Flew out to Cali to meet and knew we were for keeps. Spent Christmas at Disneyland!Feb 21st 2007 - Flew out and stayed 90 days on a VWP.May 14th - Applied for K1 Visa May - Sept - Visited twice on a VWP.... miscounted and overstayed one day (oops)found out that our I129F had been approved through customs on Sept 11th (when we found out about the one day overstay and was port paroled (big oops).Nov 10th 2007 - USICS declared our NOA2 lost when in fact they hadn't sent it out, NOA2 arrived Nov 14th!nov 2007 - may 2008 - multiple Packet 3's sent (looks like we found a black hole in the office).April 2008 - Got our congresswoman involved (whoohoo lovely lady!) and found they had lost/not received previous packets!May 2008 - sent last packet 3 and woohoo they got it the very next day, medical on 23rd and interview on 30th.. Approved! but alas suspended due to changes in the police report being the old styleJune 7th 2008 - new police report arrived in lovely couriers hands! and sent off to the Embassy in London along with my passoprt!june 10th 2008 - Passport delivered to the house with nice visa page stuck inside yipeee!june 20th 2008 - arrived in USAug 2nd 2008 - tied the knotAug 11th 2008 - applied for AOS and EADSept 11th 2008 - NOA arrived for bothSept 30th 2008 - BiometricsDec 20th 2008 - Interview Letter arrivedDec 23rd 2008 - EAD approved!Dec 29th 2008 - EAD card orderedFeb 11th 2009 - Interview...... Approved!! & Paul got a promotion the same day!Feb 25th 2009 - Green Card in hand!Nov 15th filed for ROC I-751Nov 17th Delivery confirmation for I-751Nov 17th NOA1Dec 28th BiometricsFeb 16th Approval/card production emailFeb 23rd 10yr card recv'd. N400 filed 01/20/2017

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  1. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    I remember seeing @Cybermax comment in another thread about getting an interview letter in Oct, here I applied for my passport on the 30th of Oct, it came in the mail on the 15th, just waiting on my Nat. certificate to come back in the mail now then I'm all done as soon as I update status with the Social Security Office
  2. DisneyLovers

    N-400 Denied

    The IO at my interview last month asked if I was still married to the same US.Citizen, asked about our child together (noted he'd noticed my hubby and son in the waiting room and I confirmed my marriage cert and birth record were the ones he pointed out in my submitted docs). Some things can be forgiven or are nullified by AOS and ROC, for example, I had a one day overstay on WVP that was expunged the day I got AOS but I always had submit my paperwork from that silly 8hr overstay as part of being in Good moral character whether it impacted the current filing or not, I was told to always supply it with any forms (and carry it with me whilst travelling for customs). Once I got my 10 yr GC I never was asked for it again at customs but I still supplied it in my documents for Naturalization... Your case is a lot more complicated, they could easily revoke your GC, you're also at the point you'll be due to renew your GC soon, it's possible that could be denied (if you were still married you might have gotten around it by proving hardship to the USC if you were to be deported). At this point I have no advice on what you should do pertaining to your circumstances except to be honest when you do find a way through this, they will have record of you being denied and the reason.
  3. I don't think it's overly common, but there were quite a lot applying between November and January with the whole new president fears thing, it created a bit of a backlog.
  4. Can you update mine please? I had my oath ceremony today at the LA convention centre 10/17/17
  5. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    Congrats KleoLove, mine was a very similar experience We drove and parked in the West hall parking ($20 ouch! but win on keeping my toddler sane vs the metro). Hubby and son went in the guest entrance and I went through the applicants one. Security was quick and I was directed to go to the shortest line for checking in. They commented on why I still had my 2yr GC (no ROC interview so I never had the chance to hand it in). Answered the questions and assigned a table to pick my certificate up after the ceremony. The left side of the hall was full with applicants so I got seated in the middle section, about 8-10 rows from the front. Ceremony started and the judge greeted us, an officer asked for the motion to grant all 3420 applicants citizenship. The judge granted the motion and welcomed us as America's newest citizens, he then told us of his background (first Haitian district judge in the US, his parents immigration journey and how he views the process in a humble manner). They had a lady talk more on what it is to be a citizen and our fundamental rights and civic duties. Recignized active military members, announced the top three counties out of 106 different nationals in the room being sworn in, and played a video of the current president and a music video. The judge said a few more things then dismissed us. The actual ceremony was about 45 mins long and then another 45 mins to get to my row to be dismissed and collect our certificates. They had us fill out and submit our voter registration cards whilst we were waiting to be dismissed, they had countless tables and booths set up to help you with that if you needed assistance with that too. Outside was a passport application booth/tent and a commemorative photo line too. They also noted to not post photos of your naturalization certificates on social media, to go and update your legal status with social security after about 10 days too.
  6. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    Paint me red, I had my oath ceremony this morning along with 3420 other applicants
  7. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    I got my oath letter this morning, for 10/17/2017 if someone could update please
  8. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    I wonder if they're having issues locating your file to match up with your application? Mine had that problem when it was transferred from NBC to the Embassy in London way back when. The only thing that helped 'find" my packets I mailed several times was hubby contacting his local congresswoman and they suddenly found my packet. Side note, the IO had my whole file of everything dating back to the first visa application on his desk (all forms, all evidence we'd sent in at each stage of the process, medical folder was bound at the back too), at the end of my interview he said they will keep the hard copy in their files for the next 88 years... that's a lot of files every year to work through and store somewhere, if they filed yours in the wrong section, maybe knowing how your name is pronounced would help phonetically as to what other files it could have been put with? I know at this point it's just frustrating beyond belief (my K1 visa sat from Oct 07-may-08 and it felt like forever).
  9. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    I had my interview this morning at the Los Angeles county field office, I got there at 9.20am and they let us in early so my toddler could go to the bathroom. Checked in at 9.25, fingerprints and photo were taken at the window and then waited till I was called back. We went over my application, confirmed that their immigration print out of dates outside the US matched my form, I explained my 1day accidental overstay on the VWP over 10yrs ago (he noted that even though my paperwork said banned for life it had been expunged from my file on my 3rd year of being a permanent resident, but it was good that I was honest. After signing that I'm willing to take the oath, etc, he asked the 6 questions 1. what nation of people were taken and sold as slaves? 2. who makes laws? 3. how many amendments are there? 4. why did the US fight the British? 5. who is the vice president? 6. what is the highest court in the US (reading test) who can vote? (Had to write the answer). He joked that every Brit he interviews gets that same sheet of questions when he pulls them out of the tray with regards to #4, And italians and Germans seem to randomly get questions about WWII too. Talked a little whilst he double checked everything on the computer. Then I signed, dated, and wrote my A number on the paperwork for the oath then he said congrats, my oath letter will be in the mall in the next few weeks.
  10. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    As far as I'm aware the 1-94 became obsolete as soon as you got your permanent GC, it's a souvenir now Now if like me, you still have your 2yr temporary GC (as I never had a ROC interview to return it at) or any other expired EAD/AP cards, you should return that at the oath ceremony along with the current GC
  11. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    My interview letter came this morning, my interview is 09/22 for LA county could someone please update for me, thanks
  12. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    I got a text saying my interview has been scheduled, yay for some movement!
  13. DisneyLovers

    N-400 January 2017 Filers

    Today is 5 months since the last update on my case... still checking case status randomly
  14. For both AOS and ROC, we included photos, letters from friends to attest to our marriage being legit, utilities cover pages (everything bill-wise had both of our names, same address), taxes, etc. Added in hubby's beneficiary stuff from work listing me as the recipient. This was 6 yrs ago but we didn't even get asked to come in for an interview for ROC, I had bank print-outs and such in case we were aked for more evidence but that never happened
  15. Approved and they never asked for any more evidence, same with citizenship, I photocopied just the front fold of our most recent bank statement that showed both of our names and our home address, no rfe's