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  1. @JeanneAdil thanks for your response yes I was asking about K-1 visa but never applied for it. Actually I visited US because my stepdad is cancer patient and I was told that they don’t know if he can wait until I got the k-1 visa or not . we asked a lawyer who took 300$ to talk with us 60 minutes.. the lawyer mentioned 3 different scenarios. and at the end they said you must stay, and get married and that is best situation. the lawyer was good, but he asked for $7000 The lawyer knew what I do for living and he said you don’t need lawyer you can do it I. Your own. to make the story short.. mom living better in my home country.. I earn around 5000 a month, it’s safe, people are kind and the nature is beautiful.. what I love in the USA is my gf.. that’s all I wanted her to move and live with me. But there is kids and her ex dosnt want the kids to move.and I understand him, even if they would get better life I don’t wanna be rude.. but USA is just in movies.. in reality if you don’t have cash you would end up in getto
  2. I been asked when i entred US and i said vecation and i Will meet my gf and we Will spend time together. I told them What we gonna do during my visit. i showed them hotell booking and my ticket to go back my home country. I Said i have 6000 dollars and they didnt care. i had three suitcases. but as I said, I been to US before and I never stayed more than 2 weeks.
  3. Thank you guys for Quick respons 🙏 like if someone travel to USA on ESTA as tourist, and his friend asked him to merry her, and he did at got married with her. He didn’t quiet his job in home country,and he has apartment there still. if they make AOS would it be a problem? some guys her scared the oute of me and said you will be deported and it’s crime!!! I been to US many times, and each time I get like 3 months but I never stayed more than tow weeks, usually one week. I need help , anybody have done AOS and on ESTA and got married? do I need lawyer or I can do it on my own? thank you so much
  4. Hi guys! my question is, have any one of you applied for AOS on ESTA ( electric system visa)? appreciate help 🙏
  5. a close friend who had similar situation suggested that lawyer, and the lawyer sounded smart and have good experience when we talked with him, and he was honest. He told us you can do the whole process on your own without lawyer The lawyer talked with me and my gf about 3 different options. And after discussing all of them , we felt that option was the best for us. the lawyer didn’t say “come and stay and make adjustment of status”. And he mentioned something I consider very important. He talked about timing of applying for adjustment of status. I mean applying within the 90 days or after that. mall people I met in the US told me “come and don’t back” and they said the other options are for people who can’t come to US, but you have been here several times.
  6. Thank you guys for your replays. I understand that I can’t visit US with ESTA and then get married and apply for green card. when I came to US I was asked at the airport about the the reason of the visit, and I said I’m going to meet my girlfriend and her family. I have no problem at all. But I didn’t say that I’m getting married and staying lol The lawyer was not the only one who suggested me to come visit and get married and apply for green card, actually everyone I met in the US told me don’t go back, stay and make adjustment status. the question is .. why migration have this option “ adjustment status”? and if the lawyer knows that is migration fraud, why would he ask for 6000$+ gov fee if he knew it dosnt work? the lawyer said if you apply for K-1 visa you may not be able enter US until they make decision in your case. That means I can’t visit my gf for months. the other visa CR1 the lawyer said that we have to get married outside of the US, and my gf can’t travel because of kids and other reasons. I understand the lawyer wanna make money.. the guys replied didn’t give other alternatives, they just said the same thing “migration fraud”.
  7. Hi guys! thank you all for your answers, i really appreciate. Now I paid $300 and had an hour with a lawyer in the United States. He said that the best option for me is “to get married in the USA and Make adjustment status”. So K-1 visa and CR-1 is not the best options according to him. he said that I would receive the green card within 6 or 8 months, and it gonna cost me around $7000 (everything).
  8. Thank you guys 🤗 I’m planning to live with my girlfriend in the states. l Just asked about possibility of traveling while waiting decision, because I thought about continue working and not to quite my work in Sweden until I got the Visa/green card. don’t wanna stay at home doing nothing. if we applied for CR1, how long time can I stay outside the states? Do I need to have all paper from both countries or just police certificate? I really appreciate your help 🙏
  9. Hi guys! happy Easter everyone & hope you’re having good time 🐣 I’m Egyptian/Swedish and I’m living and working Sweden. My girlfriend is American and we wanna apply for K-1 visa even I can move to the states. I been to the states 3 times before on vacation and now I’m going to make my fourth visit. But to meet my girlfriend. I wanna apply for K-1 visa As Egyptian because my girlfriend and I have plans staying in Egypt in the future sometimes, and I have business over there. I have some questions. Can I apply as Egyptian and make the whole process including the interview in USA embassy Sweden ? Do I need to have all paper (Birth certificate, police clearance , evidence of terminated marriage...etc) From both countries? I’ve read posts here comparing K-1 visa and CR1 visa, and that CR1 better. someone said that I can travel easy while K-1 visa I have to stay in the US and can’t travel. can I really travel after getting married and wait for the decision in Sweden? thank you so much
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