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  1. Yes, as the poster above explained, your description of the situation was not really accurate here. I think it's better to try and avoid spreading that around, but in any event, I'm glad you posted it so it could be cleared up. Thanks!
  2. The best advantage to me is being together faster, so if that were by chance approved, it would have been the fastest approval. I understand the other limitations, but that is my subjective take. To each their own.
  3. Firsthand from an officer — on here? I don't think they post here. So, it'd be secondhand from the applicants. But anyway, thanks for the well wishes.
  4. Alright. But personally, if the post doesn’t have a firsthand account from an officer declaring that’s what actually happened, I’m filing it into the “doubt” box regardless. Thanks for the info anyway, I’m still going to file this as it’s considered a valid legal procedure by the US government de jure.
  5. Never said I would. A very small amount are still issued, you can see that online. Someone gets them.
  6. I think, without providing details, I’d assume they denied the I-130 for legitimate reasons; at least, I would before implying people are (seemingly spitefully) being denied I-130 merely for having the gall to file I-129F.
  7. It says Nebraska service center but the USCIS portal says an estimate of 12 months.
  8. Hey, wow, the notice came in the mail today anyway. It's only been 4 days since I filed online.
  9. The online receipt doesn't have anything like Form I-797C or Notice of Action printed on it. It has the receipt number, and does say "Notice Type: Receipt Notice". I want to file 129F now because the estimate is so long, maybe I'll actually be one of the 1-2 who get them, but I need to attach a receipt doc. Is this that doc? Thanks all.
  10. Thanks a lot. Clear answer for the question at hand. If we do move, do we need to update something else or it can also wait?
  11. hello, no rudeness intended, I just wanted to be clear that it was not my question. thanks.
  12. Not my question. the last day of my address history no longer matches the PD or the apply date (which are the same as I already got receipt) Thanks, hope you’re correct.
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