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  1. Hello! Thanks for your reply! This is great news!!! The main reason why I’m concerned about it, it’s because I want to start working as soon as possible. I thought I wasn’t going to be hired without the SSN in hands. Thank you!
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply! So I can only check if it is in their system after 3 weeks, correct? I requested on my DS-260. Thank you!
  3. Hello! Thanks for your reply! I did requested on the DS-260. I thought it would be faster this way. Oh okay. I thought they were related. So for the best two weeks there’s no much I can do about it. Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone! I arrived in the US one week ago. (IR1) We are waiting for my permanent resident card and SSN to arrive in the mail (the fee was paid 16 days before my arrival) I heard that it can take up to 90 days to be mailed to me, and I didn’t want to wait that long to start working. Our question is: as the now stamped immigrant visa is valid as a proof of permanent residency for one year after arrival, can I go in person to a SS office and be able to get my SSN earlier by showing them my passport? Or do I need to wait for my physical GC to arrive? I appreciate your help! Thank you!
  5. They received, but probably didn't review it yet. In general, they are taking 90 days to review submmited documents. I don't know their timeframe for documents submmited after the interview. Hopefully is sooner. When I was at NVC stage, after waiting 3 months for them to review, I was missing one document, and submmited hours later. They took another 3 months to review that only one I was missing. Probably there's a different timeframe for this situation. I hope so!
  6. Oh okay! I thought you were living in Brazil. Yes, so it is going to give you a little headache. But in the other hand, you can check with all 4 avaiable places, then fly straigth to the right place. One person here told me here that he was able to get his medicals on time in Belo Horizonte, it was the only one with appointments available. I hope everything works good for you! Thanks!
  7. Thanks for your message! Yes, as far as I'm reading here, I guess the consulate in Brazil it's going pretty fast recently. Another person from the same category as me had his interview scheduled almost as quickly as I had. Hopefully this works for the other categories as well. Maybe their backlog is coming to an end. I hope you get your interview appointment soon! Wish you all the best!!!!
  8. Hello! Thanks!!! Thank GOD the interview went well. Yes! I scheduled in Sao Paulo (the state where I live) I was able to schedule in time before the interview, because someone gave up on their appointment, so I was able to take that empty spot. I called them and said that I was available to go any time, so if someone doesn't show up, I was going to go. They told me that this happens frequently. So try to call them, and say that you're able to pick up if someone doesn't show up. I don't know how your work schedule is, or how far you live from the doctor, but at the end of the day, being able to get everything ready at the time of the interview is one last thing to stress about! And avoid going under AP. Yes, there is a big backlog. Most of the people getting interviewed on the same day as me, didn't have their medical results yet. I feel sorry to know that! We know how stressful it is to deal with immigration process. I hope you're able to get everything done in time!!! Wish you all the best!!!!
  9. Which page can we check if it's ready for pick up? is there a way to track the shippiment? Thank you!
  10. I'm so happy for you!!!! Regarding the interview, I was well prepared, but the consular officer didn't asked for anything. The only things I provided when I got there were: Original marriage certificate, original birth certificate and passport (to the brazilian guy that works there, and later to a brazilian lady). She took the documents and put the information in the system. She asked me a few things: Name, place of birth, my husband's name and place of birth, my name after married, because I chose to change it, things like that). There was only one consular officer interviewing everyone. It as a very nice lady. I wish you all the best!!!! Everything will be okay!
  11. Hello! I was in Rio Consulate on Monday 11. i'll write a review soon. There were a lot of people missing the medical results. They were approved and the consular officer told them that they were only missing the results to proceed with their cases and issuing their visa. It is going to delay a little bit, but as far as I'm reading here, i'ts about one month or so. I know that for people that are already waiting for years, one day is a lot. Try to get the exam in another state. Then your wife will be 100% ready to go after her interview, and no concerns at all. I did my medical apppointment, exams and took one vaccine that I needed all in the same day. I was in a rush to be ready on time. There's a lot of people that are having problems to schedulke the exams in time. But go to the interview anyways! We don't know how long it would be to another date to be avaiable. I wish you all the best!!!! Everything is going to be okay! God bless you!
  12. YES!!!!! This is a good sign to everyone that is waiting. It gives hope to all. Applicants and petitioners from the pandemic are finally having their relief now. I'm happy for the ones starting their immigration journey now, because probably they are not going to have to wait that much. Thank you Crazy Cat!
  13. Hello everyone!!!! I'm sure this is good news for those who are wondering when they are going to get their interview appointment letter from the NVC. I want to share our experience after we were DQ'd at the NVC. Here are the dates: DQ on March 14 2022. Interview appointment letter: March 21 2022. Interview date: April 11 2022 (Rio de Janeiro) I think it is important and relevant to share when good things happen! I would love to see someone posting this information, because give us an idea of how long it is taking to get an interview scheduled at Embassies abroad. Since they don't share this information. Miracles happen!!!! We are extremely happy!!!! Good luck to all of you! God bless!
  14. Thank you for your reply! I didn't upload the one from 2021 yet (single) Last year we sent to NVC the one from 2020 (married filing separately) The weird thing is that when he went there, they UPDATED the one he already has (2020) and CHANGED to single also! Now I'm wondering which one I need to take to the interview from 2020. Probably the one that was submitted, correct? And the updated one from 2020 I just ignore? Do you have any idea why they did that? (change the one he already has before?) Thank you!
  15. Why do they do that?! It's frustrating. Just do right in the first place!
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