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  1. Hi How did you manage t get SSN real quick did you applied from local SS office?
  2. Hi, Thank you for the information but my status still says that "Case was sent to department of state for processing" which is same as after i got my I-130 approve.
  3. Thanks alot for the information and please can you tell me the link where i can check the status
  4. Hi i have paid 220 fee before i left the UK and please confirm how long it will take to get green card? Also please tell me how to check the status of SSN and green card
  5. Hi what did you do to apply for SSN i have entered US last week, my attorny said i dont need to do anything it will come directly but on the POE immigrantion officer didnt tell me about it and i am not sure how i can apply and get it please advice
  6. How did you book appointment am calling them from last week nobody receive my call, and also how can i check the status of my SSN and Green card i have entered US last week
  7. dont worry about app lkeep your prepared take all orignal documents you submited to NVC i got 221g beacuse of missing orignal document
  8. same here i have been issued Good LucK everyone who is waiting for this long process to end.
  9. I have seen live stream from US consulate london on Facebook the CO said they dont have any backlog now they cleared everything and things are running normal.
  10. yes i have seen people left with medical have to wait longer, i managed to book mine on 15th i chased them every day for cancellation and got one luckily
  11. Lol don't worry your will be updated soon, i got 221g for additional documents luckily my husband couriered overnight and we submitted next working day. did your medical reach embassy?
  12. CEAC (state.gov) I am checking fro ceac case status checker. You can check may be that have updated something for you.
  13. Yes i am hoping it will change to issue today 🙂
  14. My status gone the AP and i don't know why its saying it will take several week to process
  15. you have to call them every day and ask for cancellation that what i did and managed to get date 7 days before interview
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