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  1. Hi, it took almost 80 days as well for my case to be sent. Timelines vary to be honest. Some get sent faster and some slower.
  2. Hi All, we are prepping for our interview and our interview coach says it may look suspicious that we are choosing to get married in the US and not in India. He says why the girls parents would be okay with sending her to US without being married. Has anyone heard of this and what should we say to assure them it’s not fraudulent?
  3. Haha yeah Indians prefer the old school method of doing things. But the steps were already available online so the notice was kinda redundant. I’m betting some of the other embassy’s are more efficient with this stuff and it’s not as messy as the Mumbai embassy. The volume here is just ridiculous.
  4. Not sure if similar but the Indian embassy sent a physical notice with instructions to schedule the interview.
  5. The 129f approved letter and instructions just got to my fiancés house but the date shows it expires on December 1st. It’s impossible to get the process finished since there is no date even available for interview. Do anyone know what we would do in this scenario? The PCC takes 3 weeks by itself. mumbai india
  6. Very similar thing happened to me guys. Different responses from USCIS vs NVC. My papers show ready on CEAC yesterday and said my documents were assigned a number September 29th but didn’t get sent to embassy till oct 25th. Essentially I waited ~3 months since my approval on August 3rd.
  7. Do you have an interview date yet? I was under the assumption we sign up for an interview date. The CEAC says it’s in transit and NVC assigned a date but I don’t see the date on the letter they emailed me.
  8. Also curious, i see the list of items needed for the appt and it has one for financial support. If my fiancé has a job, does I need to fill a f134 of financial support for her? It seems redundant but I could be wrong. I see the medical exam also has the vaccines. A prior member mentioned biometrics but I don’t see that as a requirement on there. Are biometrics needed?
  9. Hi All, I’m filling out my finances DS-160 and the only question I am concerned about is the vaccination record. She had the covid vac card but not older vaccines. Should I answer yes or no to this question? ”Do you have documentation to establish that you have received vaccinations in accordance with US laws?”
  10. Actually looked at the case number and found they assigned the case number Sept 28th so they must have received it before the quoted date of Oct 4th from USCIS.
  11. My case is finally being sent to the embassy!! Literal tears as the weight is lifted after such a long time. God has really tested my patience and now it’s the home stretch. Im praying the rest of you guys get emails with good news today as well! noa 2 August 3rd
  12. WT* man. I was approved on August 3rd and still don’t have anything even with the online inquiry form. Really upsetting. These people absolutely suck. I wish I did the marriage route at this point. Save myself a year and a half.
  13. Funny thing I got this response from nVCresearch on sept 23rd but USCIS said NVC got it on Oct4. I’m thinking the difference is when NVC get it to when NVC enter it into the system. Once they enter it into the system, then they ping USCIS that it is received.
  14. Called the USCIS and they said our case was received on Oct 4th. We got approved on August 3rd so it’s quite a wait. Praying our papers get sent to embassy on Oct 25th and I can go to india to be with her.
  15. How did you find out your case was sent? my case was approved a day after yours but I haven’t heard anything yet.
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