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  1. Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the help on my initial post. We’ve decided to choose the CR1 visa instead of K1. We do have a few questions… We are about to be engaged and then will do a small ceremony right afterwards - Is there any length of time we need to be married for the CR1? Or I guess will it look bad if we’re only married for a week and then file the application? Obviously a lot of our friends/family cannot attend due to NZ being on lockdown and we want to plan a large ceremony when we get back to the USA. We have already lived together for a year in NZ and then another year in the USA when I was on H1B so proving the relationship is no big deal just didn’t know if the length of time married is an issue… Ideally we want to do the official marriage in NZ because if we don’t then no choice but to do K1 which we want to avoid… Also if anybody has an idea of how long CR1s are taking and if it depends on country? We’re applying from NZ. Thanks!!
  2. Yeah I guess us just going to get legally married very quickly after we get engaged was a little bit of a concern but we really don’t have much of a choice… We have plenty of evidence about 3 years worth of a genuine relationship living together/holidays/family/friends etc. Is that really the main thing they look for? If so we will probably get married sooner rather than later as we would like to back sometime next year (According to New Zealand we are considered de-facto which is basically marriage anyway)… Reading a few of the comments looks pretty unlikely to get back that soon but should get started with the process ASAP.
  3. Thanks so much for all the responses! I guess my question is could we also start the CR1 visa paperwork without us being officially married? Also as New Zealand is currently on lockdown there is no way to have a wedding with all of our friends/her family back in the USA. They will not be able to visit us or get us in the country for our wedding day... Is it possible for us to just do a small ceremony here in NZ and then file the paperwork immediately? Then once we are settled back in the USA have a larger joined ceremony again (hopefully once COVID is over)? Do we need to wait any period of time after we do our small wedding ceremony to file the paperwork? Appreciate any help!
  4. Hi everyone. My girlfriend (US citizen) and I (NZ citizen) are currently living together in NZ. We want to return back to the USA, ideally in mid-2022 and are weighing the benefits of the K-1 vs CR1 route Background Info: I attended high school and university in the states then worked on an H-1B from 2015 - 2020 I have a SSN, and the total time I was in the USA was 2007 - 2020 We met in the US early 2019 and have been living in NZ for the past year (I sponsored her partnership visa) Keen to return to the US to be near our friends and her family Neither of us have US based jobs currently but have sufficient funds to support ourselves upon our return We are planning to be engaged within the next few months Based off processing times, it looks like the K-1 route would allow us to enter the USA quicker. However, I wouldn't be able to work for a number of months upon our arrival, whereas if we went the CR1 route, it would take longer to get back to the states, but I could start working immediately. I have a few questions: If we choose the K-1 route, can we start the process prior to being engaged? Should we be aware of any issues that can pop up when filing for AOS? Will my girlfriend need to secure a US based job before we move back? Would you recommend K-1 or CR1? Also shoutout @kiwipete for the format help Thanks and any help is appreciated!
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