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    Hatim & I met on international Cupid. He passed by me and then said he thought, why not, and came back to my profile and messaged me. We clicked instantly! I felt like I had known him forever…although he is 12 years younger 🙄. After 4 months of Skype, I decided to travel for the first time internationally to Morocco and meet the man I had fallen head over heels for. The rest is history! I’ve visited 4 times now, sometimes for a month at a time. My last trip was in July and was the quickest at 10 days and it was horrible. Time flew of course! We filed for the K-1 in July and are so anxious for something to happen besides waiting. People sometimes judge us and think how can you live someone so far away. Easily! I know Hatim better than most people that I would call a friend and he knows everything about me. He is my best friend, my lover, my companion, my biggest fan and sometimes my biggest critic! But I wouldn’t change the 4 years I’ve grown to know and love such an amazing, wonderful, intelligent and handsome man. I never planned on marrying but he changed that. I cannot wait for the day we say our vows and I can call him my husband. That will be the absolute best day of my life. I was truly blessed to have met Hatim. He makes me a better person and pushes me to be the best version of myself. I don’t know where I would be in life if not for him. He has taught me so much and brought so much happiness into my life. He is my world and I look forward to finally picking him up at the airport here! What a beautiful blessing that will be!! To have him by my side morning and night will be by far the best feeling in the world. I can’t wait to be his wife and him my husband! It is absolutely possible to love someone over 5k miles away. Distance is nothing when you know that person holds your heart and your future. It can only get better from here!!

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  1. Our time is always sweet time, until I have to leave. I miss my love and I wish this k-1 would hurry along.
  2. First trip we spent lots of time near Marrakech. This was our 4-wheeling moment. We look like we are from the 70s! No complaints here though 😊
  3. My very first trip to meet the love of my life. Best trip EVER! Our love was undeniable.
  4. One of our stays in Rabat before I left. Saying goodbye gets harder each time…
  5. Eating street corn 🌽
  6. Yes, another beautiful picture of Chefchaouen and of course, Hatim and I 😊
  7. Hatim and I enjoying the day by the ocean. Hope for us to own a beachfront condo here one day 😊
  8. Beautiful as always! This town is so amazing!
  9. Another beautiful picture of this amazing town.
  10. Our first visit to Mediq in December 2020. Eating street corn and loving life! Love being with him more than anything!
  11. One of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever been to. Also the town most likely that I would pass out due to the massive hills that you cannot escape. Except by taxi…one try by foot, I said never again! I’m was so impressed with all the people who were walking up it like it was nothing! Goals!
  12. My fiancé Hatim and I during my visit in July 2021. Amazing time spent together and Mediq is breathtaking.
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