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  1. Hi Today i attended to oath ceremony in houston tx, officer checked my paperwork and said we couldnt print your certificate becouse they had administration isssue. Do you guys seen anyone with the same issue? She said they will schedule me again.but i dont know how long does it take
  2. Can anyone tell me how can i contact Texas Senator office or if anyone has email or contact info?
  3. Wow! Congrats man. I almost waiting for 12 months and still nothing! I dont even get interview notice.
  4. Hi, I am december 2020 filer and i am still waiting for inteview. I dont even recieve interview notice. I am waiting for more than 11 and 2 weeks. Did anyone filed on December 2020 and got interview? 12/2/2020 application submitted 02/19/2019 bio reuse
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