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  1. Exploring some options here but my sister in law recently found love. The topic came up which is what happens if they decide to take the next step. My wife filed for a family based citizenship for her sister 5 years ago with the understanding that it would be granted sometime in the next decade or so. If she were to file for the K1, will that have any negative effect? Does she need to withraw her application?\ thanks
  2. My wife who is a citizen now is telling me that it is near impossible for anyone from South Korea to get a B2 visa and that it will take months to process. Is that true? Is there a strict filter on B2 applications from Korea? we are just exploring options for her sister who was recently refused entry because 2 yrs ago she miscalculated her 90 day stay and had the plane ticket for the 91st day. My wife is saying that she (wife) was refused a B2 back in 98-99 because her background wasn't strong enough...ie education, finances, reason for visiting, etc. At that time she has no ties to the US. All her family was in Korea. thanks
  3. My sister in law came to the states under the VWP. Has done so many times. She left for a day trip into Canada and upon her attempt to return, she was denied entry. Reason? Back in 2015 my sister in law goofed on her plane ticket and made reservations for the 91st day of her VW stay. In other words, 90 days ended on Jan 11, and her plane was on the 12th. 2 years ago. My question is how long is the ban for? Right now she can't even come back to the US to gather her stuff nor fly back on her original ticket.