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  1. Wow! Lots of great comments and suggestions! Thanks All! Re: Philippines interview vs UAE interview... By having her move back to Philippines, we were thinking we would be removing one potential complicating factor (i.e., work contract). But, if there is a substantial difference in overall time to complete K-1 process... we might have to reconsider. Re: UAE police report... thanks for the tips/comments! Thanks again all!
  2. Yes, unfortunately, we thought it would be a long road ahead, hence why we want to get the clock (process) started now, and not to wait. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I was thinking that it could be quite a while. Thanks for the additional details!
  4. Follow on question(s)... so, would we need to worry about timing of the K-1 process vs timing of her move, to make sure the K-1 packet wouldn't go to UAE for processing? Or, is there some (file update) mechanism to advise the agencies of these details? Or, would we include some comments (e.g., will be relocating to Philippines on/about mm/dd/yy date) in the I-129F filing somewhere? It just isn't clear to me how to make sure everything aligns, timing-wise, given that the I-129F would contain her UAE address, which will only be accurate for about the next ~5-6 months. Sorry for the 20 questions... just trying to get a grasp on this would play out, and/or how we would communicate, to make sure packet would be routed to proper embassy. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks! Thanks! We will take a look at that option.
  6. Hi All! My (beneficiary) fiancee (Filipina) is currently living and working in UAE. We met in Dubai recently. She will move back to Philippines late this year. We would like to start the K-1 process (ie, file I-129F) now (ASAP), but are uncertain if her moving from UAE to Philippines after filing I-129F would cause complications/problems, or not. Thanks for any advice you can provide. Bryan
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