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  1. I had paid and in a few days, my account showed that the payment had been processed. Therefore, I was allowed to continue on to complete the application. Then, yesterday we got emails that our fees had not been paid. The account shows up as unpaid again, and I am not able to continue with the application. Fortunately, one form had already been submitted. This would not have been possible if we had not actually paid. I submitted a copy of our bank statement showing that the fees had been deducted, but so far there has been no response. I see that the website will be down for maintenance affecting payments, tomorrow. I hope they get this sorted out.
  2. Thank you, Sophie. I have successfully sent an inquiry in the past, but I was locked out of there, too. A techy friend finally helped me with a workaround. It seems that my lengthy page was triggering some super-sensitive security to block me. We finally worked our way through the form, saving a little bit at a time. To make this work, we need to fill out all of the main parts of the form and adjust the dates. I need to go back over it now to proofread it carefully.
  3. Is anyone else having trouble with the NVC website lately? Everything was working well for me a week ago. However, over the weekend and today, I can't submit anything. It all disappears when I try to save a page of my application and/or move to the next page. I tried to submit an inquiry about the problem, and it won't submit either. I'm just wondering if this is an issue at their end or mine. Maybe I'll need to call them.
  4. I found the answer to my own question! A sponsor does not have to include people on other I-864s who have not yet immigrated to the United States.
  5. My daughter is sponsoring both her father and me on separate visa petitions. We have requested and received consideration to arrive together. (Thank you to the person here who suggested that.) We are unclear about how to count her household members. Part 3, Number 2 on Form I-864 says to not count anyone immigrating on a separate petition. Yet, it seems that we should both be counted as she'll be sponsoring both of us at the same time. Can anyone give us direction on this? Thank you!
  6. Oh, that explains it. Thanks! I hope we can schedule our interviews together.
  7. Our daughter has applied to sponsor my husband and me. We've each just received a separate email with an NVC Case Number and Invoice ID Number. We plan to arrive together. When I enter our numbers, it seems I am taken to separate forms for each of us. Should we both be creating our case on one form with one as the Principal Applicant and the other as the Derivative Family Member?
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