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  1. I had my medical in Melbourne at Toorak, it was about $630 or something like that. I believe I’ve read the price in Sydney is even cheaper
  2. Hi there! The I-134 is filled out and taken to the interview with supporting documents (tax return, payslips, etc). For K1, we do nothing at NVC except wait there until the embassy of the beneficiary’s country requests more cases. I hope that makes sense 🙂
  3. Thank you! I hope so too. I’m Australian so our embassy is pretty backlogged so I am prepared for quite a few months wait, but I’m just trying to stay positive. I hope your NOA2 comes soon!
  4. I was January 28th, so I know I was last in line but most people around my date got their NOA2 in August and September so being last was difficult
  5. No problem 😊 Yeah it’d be frustrating waiting this long and then getting one, so I hope you don’t
  6. I’m a January filer and only got my NOA2 the other day, and it was an approval. There’s still people from January waiting so it isn’t unusual for it to take a while. You can put through an inquiry but really all you can do is wait. Just because it’s taking a long time doesn’t mean it’s a RFE, it’s just still sitting on someone’s desk waiting to be looked at
  7. We were approved today!! Finally received my NOA2 🙌 We sent an inquiry last week and my fiancé received an email today saying they sent an approval notice on the 4th of October. I wanted to see my case status change on USCIS before I got really excited and today I’ve woken up to it!! NOA1: January 28th NOA2: October 5th
  8. I’m happy for you, and your approval gives me hope mine is around the corner. Our letter was on the 13th of March
  9. Oh wow I’m the same NOA1 as you and sent an inquiry end of September and still haven’t gotten a reply 😞😕
  10. I don’t understand either ☹️ They’re starting to process February too so that’s even worse. I sent an inquiry but haven’t heard anything back yet. Let’s hope October brings us all left waiting good news 🤞
  11. I’m January 28th and still waiting 😢 I know of a January 4th person still waiting too. I wonder when we’ll get our NOA2
  12. I know, it’s so frustrating cause all we can do is sit and wait. I get the officers are just doing their job and they have a lot of applications, but surely you can read the date and if it’s after January chuck it back in the pile 🤣
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