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  1. Thank you for responding! Could you further explain your process and how you managed to contact the senate for help.
  2. Hey there! My husband and I currently have a similar experience, he was given a yellow 221g notice with instructions to send documents along lo with passport. We submitted the documents to the nearest “fedex” you can say. Our status has been stuck on “ready” for almost (53 business days, 3 months). We have emailed the embassy but we only get blanks responses like “your case is currently under AP. Hopefully you won’t have to wait as long! 😊
  3. Hi all, my husband’s case has been stuck on administrative processing for 2 months. Interview (March 25th) seemed to go well, my husband was missing a document and was given 221g form. On the same day we turned in all necessary documents along with passports as those were the instructions. We have tried contacting the embassy of Guatemala for answers but all we have received are the same (automated) messages. If anyone has been in this situation or has passed this situation I could use advice or guidance. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi there, I have a question when you received the email from the embassy did you reach out or did they emailed you? If you did reach out and message them, how long did you wait for a response?
  5. I hear ya! I’m hoping this week I’ll get some sort of update but the waiting is definitely frustrating. Keep me posted if you hear anything new on your case.
  6. Will do 😊! I appreciate the support! May your prayers be answered.
  7. Hi there, im currently in a similar situation. My husband had his interview in Guatemala on March 25th they issued us a yellow 221G form which indicated us to send all documents w/ passport to embassy. The last case update was May 10th. And we have messaged the embassy and al they tell us is that our case is under AP we have to wait patiently. But I have heard that when they keep your passport there is a higher chance of getting approved. Best of luck to you!
  8. Sorry to ask, what was the last case update date before it changed to issued?
  9. Super happy for you both! That’s awesome news! unfortunately our status is still “ready” and the case date has not updated from May 10. 😞 hopefully soon we will get the same good news.
  10. 😯!! Well I guess that could be a good sign. The positive take back is that your no longer in AP. 😊. Keep me posted with the follow up from the consular. On a side note the the CEAC website never updates that quick. But hopefully it’s a good thing. *fingers crossed*
  11. So I had the our immigration lawyer message the embassy and I personally have messaged the embassy as well. However, We both get the same response “your case is currently under AP, once we have new information concerning your case we will send you an email with an update.” It’s frustrating but I guess we have nothing but to wait 😞
  12. Hang in there 😥. The only thing that I noticed was that the case date updated 3 times throughout us waiting. here is our mini timeline if that helps: March 26: pending march 29: refused april 30: ready may 04: ready may 10: ready how about you?
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