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  1. Yaaay gratz!!! I got mine about 2 months ago it was super fast and got to use it when crossing back into the states after Easter with the Canadian side of the family.
  2. Not sure what province I are in but Ontario houses last a less then a week on the market the ppl beside my old house sold there before it was even visible on the open mls
  3. That’s a copy paste reply. They will prob send them out to everyone who is in ap and sends an email. May be a new template.
  4. If the name matches a bad guy then the finger prints they collect won’t match and should clear that up. That would only take like 2 week to run it. Also for the resume that’s really strange never heard of that before or maybe they just said resume and really mean work history :s
  5. I must say this was the easiest Poe crossing ever!!! We pulled up to the peace bridge with a 20 foot uhaul only one car in front of us. We handed our passport and the man at the window was like ok so one American and one immigrating with a giant smile. Told us I just need a stamp and the pull into any parking spot and head into door 2. We got inside and was called up to the window and was only now asked my new address. They took my photo and finger prints and said I was good to go. We made a really nice list and no one checked it and didn’t even check my uhaul... now the hard part was I had my hammy and reptiles with me so I kinda made them take the paper work for that. Sadly the fws wasn’t in so it took about 10 mins for them to sort out that. If you are bringing over any exotic pets make sure to just double check what all you need bc in some cases you may need a permit to import them. It still doesn’t feel real yet feel like I need to head back to Canada in a week like normal. Ps kinda sad they didn’t even look at my importing paper work we work so hard to do lol but I think he saw the giant folder and as like yeah they filled it out lol.
  6. Well my husband and my journey is now at an end we crossed the peace bridge and all went smooth took about 30 mins only bc I had reprisals and a hamster.
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